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This year started with a price list in February. The basic price of the car had not changed, but the purchase tax had increased the November before. The static front seat belts have disappeared.

This February price list is not in my collection. Shown here is a photocopy contributed from another collection. There is no publication number.

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1969 prices and options; list price:
February and March: £ 4520.16.5
April and October: £ 4874.12.6

prices February 1969 (80kB)

One month later, March 1969, came the next price list. Again this one is not in my collection, but here is a photocopy contributed from another collection.

prices March 1969 (77kB)

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Dealer announcement   

Shown here is the price list for April 1969. It has no publication number.

Shown with it is a copy of the letter to the dealers, announcing the price increase. This letter also specifies that from now on front seatbelts and wing mirrors will be fitted as standard equipment. Indeed these items have disappeared from the "options" list.

prices April 1969 (80kB)

The last price list of this year is from October. The prices are the same as in April, but the list of options expanded considerably, incorporating the ones that were listed with "Prices on Application" in the previous publication.

This price list is also shown (without a reference to the month) on page 866 of Brian Smiths' book Daimler Days.


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