Daimler DS420 Parts Catalogue RTC9183B (July 1978)


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This manual RTC9183B (July 1978) is the last one for the cars with the Borg Warner model 8 and 10 gearboxes. It is included on the Unipart/JDHT CD-ROM described elsewhere on this web site.

The manual bears the following note: Printed by The Nuffield Press Limited, Cowley, Oxford, England.

For cars with the GM 400 gearbox you must refer to the later parts manual RTC9887CD.
For older cars you may refer to the very first Catalogue JC53 (1972).

An earlier printing of this manual appeared as RTC9183A (January 1976), but that printing contains substantially less information; it is about 100 pages thinner, and the majority of the drawings are similar to the ones in the previous version JC53. Therefore, the web-pages shown here are taken from the latest version RTC9183B exclusively, except for the front page of the earlier version shown at the right (click to enlarge):

In November 1980 this manual was published in a microfiche version RTC9877FG: the set has three fiches: (1) Introduction, Engine, Flywheel, Clutch, Gearbox, Propshaft, Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Exhaust,
(2) Introduction, Cooling, Heating, Electrical, Subframe, Bodyshell, Facia, Trim, Miscellaneous,
(3) Introduction, Numerical Index.
If I can find a way of showing this microfiche-set on this web site, I will do eventually. Earlier microfiche sets do exist too; they have part numbers such as RTC9877FE and RTC9877FF and were published only a few month apart.

titlepage RTC9183A (4.5kB)


This introduction text is taken from the manual verbatim

This Parts Catalogue is to be used for all Limousine models, to both Home and Export specifications; the part numbers quoted are always common to all models unless otherwise stated, in which case differences are noted in the Heading or the Remarks column.
This catalogue does not include parts peculiar to Landaulette or Hearse models.
As the list caters for both Home and Export markets, reference is made throughout the text to the "left hand"(LH) and "right hand"(RH) sides of the car. The "left hand side" is that to the left hand when the car is viewed from the rear; similarly, "left hand drive"(LHD) models are those having the drive control on the left hand side, again when the car is viewed from the rear.
The heading of each assembly is printed in capital letters, whilst the spares relevant to each assembly are printed in small type and inset to the right. The fact that certain items (printed in small type) are not inset indicates that they do not form part of any assembly and must, therefore, be ordered as individual items.
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Chassis commencing numbers:    1M.1001 Right hand drive
     1M.20001 Left hand drive
Engine commencing numbers    7M.1001

NOTE: suffix H to the chassis number denotes that the model is a hearse.


Trimmed parts should be ordered by letter to your zone senior administrator quoting the part number together with the appropriate colour code suffix; e.g. BD.12345/ADF. To determine the colour code a list of the various trimming materials together with the colours in which they are produced is given below.

Material Colour Code
West of England Cloth Fawn  ADH
Leather Tan ADC
  Chamois  ADF
  Tuscan  ADG
  Maroon  CDA
  Deep Olive  HDC
  Navy Blue  JDC
  Blue/Grey  LDA
  Black  PDA
Carpets Chamois  ADF
  Blue/Grey  LDA
  Black  PDA
P.V.C. White  NDA
Headlining Fawn  ADH
  Blue/Grey  LDA
→ 7M.1033 Denotes up to engine 7M.1033
7M.1034 → Denotes from engine 7M.1034
=>13-21 Refer to section 13 page 21
A/C Air Conditioning
A/R As required
C/R Compression Ratio
LH Left Hand
LHD Left Hand Drive
NSS Not supplied separately
PRS Pairs
RH Right Hand
RHD Right Hand Drive
SETS Supplied only in sets
SOO Special order only
SS Selective sizes
S/D Order on Service Division

End of verbatim Introduction text taken from the manual

If you want to browse through the drawings of this manual (183 drawings) from the first page on, start Here

If the Table of Contents that follows does not give you enough detail, you may look at the alphabetical keyword index first. Unfortunately, these keyword index pages have no clickpoints on them, so if you find your entry please remember the page number, come back here, and click the page number in the (sequential) list below. Keyword initials: A, B, C, D-F, H, I-P, Q-R, S, T-W,

The following table of contents follows the sequence of pages in the manual:

ENGINE   1-0
Cylinder block   1-1  (for parts descr. pages: 1-2/1-4)
Crankshaft and assemblies   1-5  (for parts descr. pages: 1-6/1-8)
Oil sump   1-9  (for parts descr. pages: 1-10/1-12)
Oil pump   1-13  (for parts descr. page: 1-14)
Oil filter (old)   1-15  (for parts descr. page: 1-16)
Oil filter (newer)   1-17  (for parts descr. page: 1-18)
Oil filter (disposable canister)   1-19  (for parts descr. page: 1-20)
Cylinder head kit   1-21  (for parts descr. page: 1-22)
Cylinder head   1-23  (for parts descr. page: 1-24)
Camshaft covers   1-25  (for parts descr. page: 1-26)
Camshafts and valves   1-27  (for parts descr. page: 1-28)
Timing gear - lower   1-29  (for parts descr. page: 1-30)
Timing gear - upper   1-31  (for parts descr. page: 1-32)
Timing cover   1-33  (for parts descr. page: 1-34)
Water pump   1-35  (for parts descr. page: 1-36)
Breather housing   1-37  (for parts descr. page: 1-38)
Inlet manifold   1-39  (for parts descr. pages: 1-40/1-42)
Thermostat housing   1-43  (for parts descr. page: 1-44)
Exhaust manifold   1-45  (for parts descr. page: 1-46)
Hot air system for A.E.D. unit   1-47  (for parts descr. page: 1-48)
Hot air pick-up   1-49  (for parts descr. page: 1-50)
Carburetters (old)   2-1  (for parts descr. pages: 2-2/2-4)
Carburetters (newer)   2-5  (for parts descr. pages: 2-6/2-8)
Carburetters (H.I.F.7)   2-9  (for parts descr. page: 2-10)
Carburetters A.E.D.   2-11  (for parts descr. page: 2-12)
Carburetter controls and petrol filter   2-13  (for parts descr. pages: 2-14/2-16)
Carburetter mountings and pipes   2-17  (for parts descr. page: 2-18)
Carburetter feed and overflow pipes   2-19  (for parts descr. page: 2-20)
Air cleaner (old)   2-21  (for parts descr. page: 2-22)
Air cleaner (newer)   2-23  (for parts descr. page: 2-24)
Air cleaner (H.I.F.7 carbs)   2-25  (for parts descr. page: 2-26)
Accelerator R.H.D. controls   2-27  (for parts descr. pages: 2-28/2-30)
Accelerator L.H.D. controls   2-31  (for parts descr. pages: 2-32/2-36)
Accelerator R.H.D/L.H.D. controls   2-37  (for parts descr. page: 2-38)
Carburetter linkage   2-39  (for parts descr. pages: 2-40/2-42)
Gaskets and seals   2-43  (for parts descr. page: 2-44)
Driving belts   2-45  (for parts descr. page: 2-46)
Engine, gearbox mountings   3-1  (for parts descr. pages: 3-2/3-4)
Converter housing, flywheel assembly   3-5  (for parts descr. page: 3-6)
Automatic gearbox model 8   3-7  (for parts descr. pages: 3-8/3-10)
Automatic gearbox model 8   3-11  (for parts descr. page: 3-12)
Automatic gearbox model 8   3-13  (for parts descr. page: 3-14)
Automatic gearbox model 8   3-15  (for parts descr. pages: 3-16/3-18)
Automatic gearbox model 8   3-19  (for parts descr. page: 3-20)
Automatic gearbox model 8   3-21  (for parts descr. pages: 3-22/3-24)
Automatic gearbox model 8   3-25  (for parts descr. page: 3-26)
Automatic gearbox model 012   3-27  (for parts descr. pages: 3-28/3-30)
Automatic transmission unit   3-31  (for parts descr. pages: 3-32/3-34)
Automatic transmission unit   3-35  (for parts descr. page: 3-36)
Automatic transmission unit   3-37  (for parts descr. pages: 3-38/3-40)
Autom. transm. unit (valve bodies, service kits)   3-41  (for parts descr. page: 3-42)
Autom. transm. unit (vacuum control)   3-43  (for parts descr. page: 3-44)
Dipstick breather, cooling pipes   3-45  (for parts descr. page: 3-46)
Gear control   3-47  (for parts descr. pages: 3-48/3-52)
Gear control   3-53  (for parts descr. pages: 3-54/3-58)
Kickdown   3-59  (for parts descr. page: 3-60)
Propeller shaft   4-1  (for parts descr. pages: 4-2/4-4)
Final drive unit (I)   4-5  (for parts descr. pages: 4-6/4-8)
Final drive unit (II+III+IV)   4-9  (for parts descr. pages: 4-10/4-13)
Front suspension   5-1  (for parts descr. pages: 5-2/5-6)
Front suspension   5-7  (for parts descr. pages: 5-8/5-10)
Rear suspension   5-11  (for parts descr. pages: 5-12/5-14)
Rear suspension   5-15  (for parts descr. pages: 5-16/5-18)
Rear suspension, road wheels   5-19  (for parts descr. pages: 5-20/5-22)
BRAKES   6-0
Front brakes   6-1  (for parts descr. pages: 6-2/6-4)
Rear brakes   6-5  (for parts descr. pages: 6-6/6-8)
Pedal and housing   6-9  (for parts descr. page: 6-10)
Servo and master cylinder   6-11  (for parts descr. page: 6-12)
Reservac tank, check valve   6-13  (for parts descr. pages: 6-14/6-16)
Fluid reservoir   6-17  (for parts descr. page: 6-18)
Pipes and connections   6-19  (for parts descr. pages: 6-20/6-24)
Lever and cable   6-25  (for parts descr. pages: 6-26/6-28)
Handbrake mechanism   6-29  (for parts descr. page: 6-30)
Steering column   7-1  (for parts descr. pages: 7-2/7-6)
Steering column (collapsable)   7-7  (for parts descr. pages: 7-8/7-10)
Power assisted steering unit   7-11  (for parts descr. pages: 7-12/7-14)
Steering pump and hydraulics   7-15  (for parts descr. page: 7-16)
Power steering pump   7-17  (for parts descr. page: 7-18)
Pump mountings   7-19  (for parts descr. page: 7-20)
Radiator and mountings   8-1  (for parts descr. page: 8-2)
Header tank   8-3  (for parts descr. page: 8-4)
Water hoses   8-5  (for parts descr. page: 8-6)
Radiator cowl and sealing plates   8-7  (for parts descr. page: 8-8)
Exhaust   9-1  (for parts descr. pages: 9-2/9-6)
Fuel system   10-1  (for parts descr. pages: 10-2/10-4)
Heater cases   11-1  (for parts descr. pages: 11-2/11-8)
Vacuum control   11-9  (for parts descr. pages: 11-10/11-12)
Fresh air system   11-13  (for parts descr. page: 11-14)
Compressor, condenser, receiver, dryer   12-1  (for parts descr. pages: 12-2/12-4)
Evaporator (in boot)   12-5  (for parts descr. pages: 12-6/12-9 )
Alternator type 011 AC   13-1  (for parts descr. page: 13-2)
Alternator type 020 ACR   13-3  (for parts descr. page: 13-4)
Alternator type 025 ACR   13-5  (for parts descr. page: 13-6)
Starter motor assembly   13-7  (for parts descr. page: 13-8)
Distributor   13-9  (for parts descr. page: 13-10)
Distributor   13-11  (for parts descr. page: 13-12)
H.T. leads, plugs, coil   13-13  (for parts descr. page: 13-14)
Outer headlamp   13-15  (for parts descr. page: 13-16)
Inner headlamp   13-17  (for parts descr. page: 13-18)
Front flasher, side lamps   13-19  (for parts descr. page: 13-20)
Stop-tail-flasher lamps   13-21  (for parts descr. page: 13-22)
Rear lamps   13-23  (for parts descr. pages: 13-24/13-26)
Interior lamps & cigar lighter   13-27  (for parts descr. page: 13-28)
Relays and inhibitor switches   13-29  (for parts descr. page: 13-30)
Wiper motor   13-31  (for parts descr. page: 13-32)
Wiper wheelboxes   13-33  (for parts descr. page: 13-34)
Windscreen washer   13-35  (for parts descr. page: 13-36)
Instruments   13-37  (for parts descr. pages: 13-38/13-40)
Centre instrument panel   13-41  (for parts descr. pages: 13-42/13-46)
Sensors and flasher unit   13-47  (for parts descr. page: 13-48)
Horn, column lock, direction indicator switch   13-49  (for parts descr. pages: 13-50/13-52)
Fuel pump   13-53  (for parts descr. page: 13-54)
Battery carrier and leads   13-55  (for parts descr. pages: 13-56/13-58)
Harnesses   13-xxx  (for parts descr. pages: 13-59/13-60)
Control units   13-61  (for parts descr. page: 13-62)
Electric cooling fan   13-63  (for parts descr. page: 13-64)
BODY   14-0
Underframe   14-1  (for parts descr. pages: 14-2/14-4)
Body panels   14-5  (for parts descr. pages: 14-6/14-10)
Radiator and bonnet brightwork   15-1  (for parts descr. pages: 15-2/15-4)
Front and rear bumpers   15-5  (for parts descr. pages: 15-6/15-12)
Bonnet and boot fitings   15-13  (for parts descr. pages: 15-14/15-16)
Bonnet lock and control   15-17  (for parts descr. page: 15-18)
Bright finishers   15-19  (for parts descr. pages: 15-20/15-24)
Sun visors and mirrors   15-25  (for parts descr. page: 15-26)
Windscreen and backlight   15-27  (for parts descr. page: 15-28)
Door hinges and check arms   15-29  (for parts descr. pages: 15-30/15-32)
Front door glass and frame   15-33  (for parts descr. pages: 15-34/15-36)
Front door ventilator   15-37  (for parts descr. page: 15-38)
Rear door glass and frame   15-39  (for parts descr. pages: 15-40/15-42)
Rear quarter light glass and fittings   15-43  (for parts descr. page: 15-44)
Glass and ventilator in rear quarter   15-45  (for parts descr. page: 15-46)
Front door regulators   15-47  (for parts descr. page: 15-48)
Rear door regulators   15-49  (for parts descr. page: 15-50)
Front door locks (old)   15-51  (for parts descr. pages: 15-52/15-54)
Front door locks (newer)   15-55  (for parts descr. pages: 15-56/15-58)
Front door locks (newest)   15-59  (for parts descr. pages: 15-60/15-62)
Rear door locks (old)   15-63  (for parts descr. pages: 15-64/15-66)
Rear door locks (newer)   15-67  (for parts descr. pages: 15-68/15-70)
Rear door locks (newest)   15-71  (for parts descr. pages: 15-72/15-74)
Front door trim (old)   15-75  (for parts descr. pages: 15-76/15-78)
Front door trim (new)   15-79  (for parts descr. page: 15-80)
Rear door trim (old)   15-81  (for parts descr. pages: 15-82/15-86)
Rear door trim (new)   15-87  (for parts descr. page: 15-88)
Rear quarter casings and armrest (old)   15-89  (for parts descr. pages: 15-90/15-92)
Rear quarter casings and armrest (new)   15-93  (for parts descr. pages: 15-94/15-96)
Centre facia and instrument panels   15-97  (for parts descr. pages: 15-98/15-100)
Cubby box   15-101  (for parts descr. page: 15-102)
Trim panels & covers in front compartment (old)   15-103  (for parts descr. pages: 15-104/15-108)
Trim panels & covers in front compartment (new)   15-109  (for parts descr. pages: 15-110/15-112)
Dividing glass and channels   15-113  (for parts descr. page: 15-114)
Trim on interior division   15-115  (for parts descr. pages: 15-116/15-120)
Roof trim & cappings in rear compartment   15-121  (for parts descr. pages: 15-122/15-128)
Front compartment seats and seat belts   15-129  (for parts descr. page: 15-130)
Rear compartment seats   15-131  (for parts descr. pages: 15-132/15-134)
Rear compartment seat belts   15-135  (for parts descr. page: 15-136)
Carpets, felts, trim facings   15-137  (for parts descr. pages: 15-138/15-144)
Boot lock   15-145  (for parts descr. pages: 15-146/15-148)
Petrol filler lock   15-149  (for parts descr. page: 15-150)
Tool container   16-1  (for parts descr. page: 16-2)
Tool roll   16-3  (for parts descr. page: 16-4)
Lifting jack   16-5  (for parts descr. page: 16-6)
Electrically operated division glass   17-1  (for parts descr. pages: 17-2/17-6)
Reading lamp, aerial, fog lamp, mats, rugs, flagstaff   17-7  (for parts descr. pages: 17-8/17-10)

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