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This page links to web sites of companies, organisations and individuals that provide interesting information about the model.
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flywheel (13.5kB)    The Daimler and Lanchester Owners' Club


The Internet site of the DLOC, the Daimler and Lanchester Owners' Club.

The club is definitely good value for money, especially to people who know that the spirit of a club is what its members invest in it. Investments turn out to be very rewarding.

The official discussion forum of the DLOC, accessible for everybody with a genuine interest in the cars:



The official web site of the Danish Monarchy. The above link puts you through to the "Crown Cars" page (English version) of the web site, where quite a lot of information is given on the three Daimler limousines currently in use at the Danish Court.


The above link puts you through to a page on the official web site of the British Monarchy. where (a single phrase of) information is given on the three Daimler limousines currently in use at the Royal Mews. That webpage dates from the wedding of Prince William and Mrs. Middleton, on April 29, 2011.

The video (left) shows the Daimlers at the wedding of Prince Harry and Mrs. Markle, on May 19, 2018, when the bridesmaids and pageboys arrive, among them Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Courtesy: BBC.

When visiting the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace make sure to ask whether any cars will be on display. When I last visited no cars at all were shown because of refurbishment work on the building. No indication was shown at the ticket office, so this only became clear at the end of the tour. Disappointing!

JHDT Museum (22kB)
Photo: the former JHDT museum and archive building (and my DS420)
at Browns Lane in Allesley, Coventry.
   JH logo the Jaguar Heritage Trust


The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, was, until 2012, located at the former Jaguar Assembly Plant site on Browns Lane in the Allesley suburb of Coventry (the only remaining part there is now the Jaguar Veneer Manufacturing Centre, the famous wood mill, since 2010 owned by Lawrence Automotive Interiors with approx. 400 staff).

The JDHT archive is now based in Gaydon. The Browns Lane museum has closed down. In February 2016 a brand new museum building opened as an annexe to the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, displaying the majority of the JDHT vehicle collection. Other cars from the JDHT collection are on display in the main building of the Heritage Motor Centre, and at the Transport Museum in the centre of Coventry. A few more cars are on loan to other museums, e.g. to the Royal palace at Sandringham.

Of special interest on the JDHT-website is the PDF-file with DS420 chassisnumbers, that is available for download here.

One of the most interesting facilities the JDHT offers is to provide a Heritage Certificate (formerly called a Production Record Trace Certificate) of your car. A guide on obtaining such a certificate is here.


Website of Bob and Judy Boston in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Car trader, collector and friend, and owner of the largest collection of DS420 cars worldwide.

Another nicely written web-article featuring the DS420. Author: Robert King.

A site by Daimler enthusiasts, with several DS420 cars covered in the "Enthusiasts" and in the "Models" sections.

The DS420-part of the (unmaintained) site of Craig Tiano, fellow DS420 enthusiast.

The (unmaintained) site -in French language- of Franck Deconihout.

jag-lovers 2


The premier Jaguar Enthusiasts gathering place on the Web. Note the Site Navigation button at the top of the page.

This site hosts many sub-sites which are under the custody of various individual webmasters. A few of those are lively, but most have a severe anaemia. The total body of information is nevertheless impressive, although the specific DS420 coverage is very limited.

Forum link: https://forums.jag-lovers.com/
Old site: http:www.jag-lovers.org/

   jag-lovers 1
BL site logo    Austin-Rover On Line


An extremely rich and well-designed web site, full of information on the British (Leyland) Motor Corporation, of which Jaguar/Daimler and Vanden Plas once were part.

Direct links to DS420-related pages are here: The Daimler DS420 Limousine and Vanden Plas.

The Vanden Plas Owners Club


The Vanden Plas Owners Club caters for vehicles with coachwork by Vanden Plas, and thus includes the DS420 from its introduction in 1968 until the transfer of the production to Coventry in 1979. In numbers this is 2979 out of a total of 5044: almost 60% of all cars.

Here is a direct link to the DS420 photo gallery on the VPOC site.

   Vanden Plas Owners Club logo
Jaguar Classic Parts


Jaguar Classic Parts is the branch of Jaguar Cars Ltd. that caters for owners for classic Jaguar vehicles, including the Daimler Limousine. The following link to their site map is useful al well.

David Manners


David Manners is the best source for (new) parts of the DS420, as far as they are still available. You might be surprised how much that is... David Manners has a mail order by credit card service. Their specialised DS420 website pages are here (early cars) and here (late cars)

SNG Barratt (16kB)
SNG Barratt


SNG Barratt is another large supplier of new parts for classic Daimlers. Their web site provides pdf-format catalogues to download.

Martin Robey (6kB)    

Martin Robey


Martin Robey, based in Nuneaton, is a body panel manufacturer. Besides the body panels, the company has a classic car parts department concentrating on Jaguar and Jensen cars.

R+J Group

e-mail: scott.harrington@BTInternet.com

The R+J Group of Wickford, Essex is a car dismantler specialised in DS420 hearses and limousines.
R+J Group have dismantled hundreds of DS420 cars, and probably have the largest stock of recycled parts in existence. They also can deliver many new parts, and are a good source for restoration project cars. Contact is Scott Harrington, mobile +44-7721-335828.

   R+J Group (33kB)
johngordon (66kB)    John Gordon


John Gordon of Hapton, Burnley, Lancashire is a parts trader and car dismantler with many DS420 limousine parts available. Note the Limousine category entry in their on-line Catalogue.

Wilcox Limousines


wilcox Wilcox Limousines in Chalfont St.Peter, Bucks. (West of London, just outside the M25), England, is one of the largest traders of limousines and hearses. Wilcox has a large stock of DS420 parts.
   Wilcox Limousines

Car and Classic

Car and Classic lists many DS420 cars for sale (use the menu on the left)

    Car and Classic

Honest John Classics

Many cars are also shown on the website of Honest John Classics.

    Car and Classic



Crowndeed, based in Heathfield, East Sussex, is a trader of used limousines and hearses.

    Crowndeed (4kB)
The XK Engine


In 1997, the Jaguar World magazine published a series of 6 articles on the XK engine, and its design evolution from 1948 to 1986. The author was Roger Bywater, former power engineer at Jaguar, and intimately familiar with the XK. Very interesting!

   XK Engine Logo
VSE Logo    VSE - Vintage Sports Engines


VSE - Vintage Sports Engines, based in Llandrindod Wells, Wales, UK, is a specialist in the revision of Jaguar XK-engines.

The book Jaguar XK Engine gives a detailed overview of such a revision operation, conducted at VSE.

Hum3D digital models

In these modern times a fully digital DS420 shouldn't be a surprise anymore: Hum3D created both a limousine and a hearse.
Be sure to click on the 360° button next to the picture on their site. Fascinating!

https://humd.com   limousine
https://hum3d.com   hearse

Get your 3D printer out and print your own scale models!

   Hum3D computer models
IMCDB (13.9kB)    Internet Movie Cars Database


The Internet Movie Cars Database identifies cars as used in movies, and classifies them according to their use: from background vehicle to the main character's car or even "used in a car chase".

The link brings you to a Daimler-index-page where you select DS420 limousine or hearse from the list of Daimler model names.


Photo-hosting sites collect many interesting images as can be seen here: flickr.com

DS420 page in Wikipedia


The well known Wikipedia on-line encyclopedia has a load of information on "Daimler", including a page specific to the DS420. Clicking on the link will bring you to that page. As an extra, you'll find a variety of links to related topics, such as "Daimler Motor Company" and "Vanden Plas".

The original author (unknown to me) obviously is not a novice on Daimler, but he certainly is not a DS420 specialist.

Somebody (not me, honestly) has added a link to this DS420 site on the Wikipedia page. The log of my web server shows that several people each day use that link to come from there to here.

Various wiki-derivatives exist, e.g. the Ford Wiki They usually contain information copied from "the real" Wikipedia, and lag behind in accuracy and updates.

Also of interest is the photographics collection at Wikimedia Commons

   Wikipedia DS420 page

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