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Undoubtedly the most prominent DS420 owner was H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother of the British royal family (1900-2002). If you wanted to explain -to British people- which car we're talking about, then the Queen Mum's car was much wider recognised than a Daimler DS420.

After several preceding Daimler models, the first of her five DS420s was purchased in May 1970: car no 1M1559 (VandenPlas job nr. 12493). On May 19th, when her car was approaching the end of the production line, she visited the VandenPlas factory in Kingsbury, North London. Lots of photos were made (magazine unknown):

Article on QM visit to VdP

The colours of her car were black over royal claret, and the interior was fitted with dark blue cloth in the front compartment, and fawn cloth in the rear. Another special wish, described in Brian Smith's book Royal Daimlers, was a "rear cushion softer than standard". The legend goes that she did not like the double chrome waistline which was standard outfit at that time, and had the lower one replaced by a paint stripe. This then pleased so many other people that it was decided to make it a standard feature of the model. More visible details, transfered from her previous Daimler DK400 limousine, were her personal lion mascot on the grill, the badge bar on the front bumper, and her (then) private number plate NLT1.

QM visit to VandenPlas QM visit to VandenPlas
QM visit to VandenPlas QM visit to VandenPlas

Another specific detail, that returned on all her later DS420 cars, was that she wanted the rooftrim side line not chromed, but painted in black. It is not very well visible on the first pictures, but it clearly shows on some later ones below. The side wings got special Lucas flasher lights, just under the (round!) wing mirrors, as can be seen on the picture.

   Queen Mother 1970 car    Queen Mother 1970 car

Queen Mother 1970 car This car 1M1559 was up for sale in 2003 via Duncan Hamilton Ltd. in London, with an asking price of around £ 30,000.-. It was purchased by a limousine rental company in London, and is now registered as BLN416H. It was for sale again on eBay in December 2006, but with a highest bid of £ 36,100.- (after more than 90 bids) it failed to fetch the reserve price of the auction. It was relisted in January 2007, and failed again at £ 20,000.- after 17 bids.


carriagecraft article  
According to Brian Smith's book Daimler Days the Queen Mother bought her second DS420 in 1978, car nr. 10031. The "Carriagecraft" magazine, for employees of the VandenPlas Kingsbury factory, published this article in its December 1977 issue.

Strange enough, it states that the Queen Mother "currently owns" a 1972, not 1970, limousine?

I have no picture of this new car. Being a 1978 model, it still has the round air inlets under the headlamps, although they probably carry the rectangular BL insignia (or no insignia at all) instead of the round D. But the car will have the swivel-type rear side window, the long bootlid with rectangular number plate, and the rubber block bumpers.

fluorescent lights The photo (left; from her actual 1970 car) shows the rare "fluorescent lighting" option as mentioned in the article (click to enlarge).


QM car 1983 QM car 1983  
Again according to the Daimler Days book, the third DS420 was bought in 1983, car nr. 200453, built by Jaguar in Coventry, where this picture was taken. Since this is a 1983 model, it has the new rectangular air inlets, but the wheels still have the chrome rimbellishers. Note that the license number of the car now is NLT2.

The article on the right (click to enlarge) is from an unknown Jaguar publication.


QM car 1986  
Her forelast DS420 was from 1986, serial nr. 200905, shown on the Jaguar publicity picture at the left. This car has the pressed steel wheels without chrome rimbellishers, as introduced around 1984.

At first sight, this might look to be the same car as the one on the above (1983) picture. But although both pictures are taken at the same spot there are many small differences both on the car and on the building. Apart from the different wheels, this grille has a mascot (again), there is no tax sticker on the front windscreen, and the badges on the badge bar are in a different sequence. The building (which was Jaguar's office building, next to the JDHT museum at Browns Lane, demolished in 2008) had a face lift in 1985: different wall surface to the left and right, the round edge below the word JAGUAR, and no royal coat of arms on the door anymore.

lion mascot This car was involved in a traffic accident with two other cars, on the evening of July 30, 1987 (Brian Smith, Daimler Days, pg. 918).

QM car 1992   QM car 1992   QM car 1992
QM car 1992 QM car 1992

It was an explicit wish of the Queen Mother that her last DS420, car nr. 201629, purchased by her in 1992, would return to the JDHT collection. This last Queen Mother's car is only seldom presented to the public. Therefore I was very delighted that the JDHT brought the car to the annual International Rally of the Daimler and Lanchester Owners' Club, held near Macclesfield on June 11th, 2006. I took many pictures, from which I have made a selection for this page. When they brought the car again to the DLOC International Rally in Ross on Wye, June 15th, 2009, I could take a few extra ones.

QM car 1992 QM car 1992 QM car 1992

The photo on the left shows her "Elizabeth Regina" monogram on the boot lid of the car, surrounded by the Honi soit qui mal y pense motto. The same monogram is on both rear doors.

While the car was with the Queen Mother, it carried her license plate number NLT2. After its return to the JDHT, it was re-registered as K123EYL.

QM car 1992 QM car 1992

The grill is a very special one. Since this is a rubber bumper car, it has the corresponding low grill model. But the flagpole is mounted on an old style shaped top, as was used on the high grill models with the flying-D mascots. This in turn requires the old style bonnet front edge, with the recession, and the wide centre chrome stripe.

Daimler technicians added a small stepping platform on both sides under the car, with an electric mechanism to move it in and out. Together with the already high roofline of the DS420, and her rather small stature, this allowed for a very upright, and thus dignified, exit from the car. Another detail to note is that the car has no interior rear view mirror! And, again, the roof trim line is in black instead of chrome.

QM car 1992 QM car 1992

The Jaguar publicity photo below shows three of the four "last-of-line" cars of 1992. The leftmost car is the nr. 201629, her fifth and last DS420. Not only the badge bar is significant, and the tinted windows, but also the black rooftrim/side is easily distinguished from the chrome roofline on the other two cars. This is the same car as shown on the colour pictures of the DLOC event here above. The other two cars, nos. 201628 and 201630, were for The Queen. Both these cars are still in the Royal household. Car 201628 used to carry license number NGN1, and car 201630 carried license number NGN2. Both numbers have been relocated to newer cars. Current (2017) plates are KLL1, K326EHV and F728OUL. Not shown on this photo is the (officially) very last car built: car 201631. The latter, kept by the JDHT and with license number L420YAC, was not equipped with flagpole bonnet and blue light.

the three last-of-line cars
the last-of-line Queen Mother's car

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