Daimler DS420 Parts Catalogue JC53 (1972)


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This manual JC53 (1971/72) is the oldest of three different Parts Catalogue editions that appeared for the DS420.

Note the following mistake on the page shown on the left: Chassis Numbers for LHD cars did commence from 1M.20001 onwards. So there is a 0 digit missing in this LHD number; the RHD number does have the correct format.

Some printings of this manual (but not the copy reproduced here) bear the following note on their last page: Printed in England by The Nuffield Press Limited, Cowley, Oxford 27/4 (81691) 5-71 150.

There actually was an older publication made available, limited to distributors only, when the DS420 was launched in 1968. It is a 62-page list, red cover, dated June 5, 1968, with the title Interim Parts List Section 1, Daimler Limousine, covering the Engine, Chassis and Electrical Equipment.. It contains not a single illustration. In its introduction it has the statement: "Section 2 covering the body and body fittings will be issued at a later date". The JDHT Archive does have copies of this "Section 1" publication, but the "Section 2" is lacking.

In 1976 this manual was superseded by the Parts Catalogue RTC9183A (Jan.1976), later reprinted as RTC9183B (July 1978). Around 1980 a separate manual RTC9887CD (or an earlier edition of this one: RTC9887CC) appeared for cars fitted with the General Motors GM400 gearbox.

   binder cover JC53

At the front of this catalogue are two pages with general information: See them.

To browse through this manual (94 pp. of drawings) from the first drawing on, start Here

If the Table of Contents that follows does not give you enough detail, you may look at the alphabetical keyword index first. Unfortunately, these keyword index pages have no clickpoints on them, so if you find your entry please remember the page number, come back here, and select a nearby page number in the (sequential) list below. Keyword initials: A, B-C, D-F, G-I, J-R, S-T, U-W,

The following table of contents follows the sequence of drawing pages in the manual. From every drawing page you can click through to the pages with parts descriptions corresponding to the numbers in that drawing.

ENGINE Cylinder block and sump   1-5  (for parts descr. pages: 1-1/1-2)
Cylinder block and sump   1-6  (for parts descr. pages: 1-2/1-3)
Crankshaft and pistons   1-11  (for parts descr. pages: 1-7/1-9)
Oil pump   1-13  (for parts descr. page: 1-12)
Oil cleaner   1-15  (for parts descr. pages: 1-14/1-14A)
Water pump   1-19  (for parts descr. pages: 1-16/1-17)
Cylinder head   1-25  (for parts descr. pages: 1-21/1-24)
Camshaft and valves   1-29  (for parts descr. pages: 1-27/1-28)
Manifolds   1-33  (for parts descr. pages: 1-31/1-32)
Thermostat and housing   1-35  (for parts descr. page: 1-34)
Front timing cover   1-39  (for parts descr. pages: 1-37/1-38)
Timing gear   1-45  (for parts descr. pages: 1-41/1-43)
Engine/Gearbox mounting   1-51  (for parts descr. pages: 1-47/1-49)
CARBURETTERS, CONTROLS Carburetters and petrol filter   2-5  (for parts descr. pages: 2-1/2-2)
Carburetters and petrol filter   2-6  (for parts descr. pages: 2-3/2-4)
Air cleaner   2-9  (for parts descr. pages: 2-7/2-8)
Accelerator controls RHD   2-13  (for parts descr. pages: 2-11/2-12)
Accelerator controls LHD   2-19  (for parts descr. pages: 2-15/2-18)
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Autom. Transmission Unit   3-3  (for parts descr. pages: 3-1/3-2)
Speedometer, pump, clutch   3-5  (for parts descr. page: 3-4)
Clutch, brake, servo   3-7  (for parts descr. page: 3-6)
Sun, planetary, Rear drum, servo   3-11  (for parts descr. pages: 3-8/3-9)
Rear pump, governor, oil collector   3-13  (for parts descr. page: 3-12)
Regulator, valve bodies   3-17  (for parts descr. pages: 3-14/3-15)
Oil seal, gaskets, clutch plates   3-19  (for parts descr. page: 3-18)
Converter housing   3-23  (for parts descr. pages: 3-20/3-21)
Selector, indicator, lever   3-27  (for parts descr. pages: 3-24/3-26)
Control rod, kickdown cable   3-29  (for parts descr. page: 3-28)
FINAL DRIVE Propeller shaft   4-3  (for parts descr. pages: 4-1/4-2)
Final drive unit   4-7  (for parts descr. pages: 4-4/4-5)
Final drive unit   4-11  (for parts descr. pages: 4-9/4-10)
SUSPENSION Front suspension   5-9  (for parts descr. pages: 5-1/5-5)
Front suspension   5-10  (for parts descr. pages: 5-6/5-8)
Rear suspension   5-17  (for parts descr. pages: 5-11/5-12)
Rear suspension   5-18  (for parts descr. pages: 5-13/5-14)
Rear suspension   5-19  (for parts descr. pages: 5-15/5-16)
Road wheels   5-xx  (for parts descr. page: 5-20)
BRAKES Front brakes   6-3  (for parts descr. pages: 6-1/6-2)
Rear brakes   6-7  (for parts descr. pages: 6-4/6-6)
Brake controls   6-11  (for parts descr. pages: 6-8/6-10)
Brake reservac tank   6-13  (for parts descr. page: 6-12)
Brake pipes   6-19  (for parts descr. pages: 6-15/6-18)
Handbrake control   6-23  (for parts descr. pages: 6-21/6-22)
STEERING Steering column   7-5  (for parts descr. pages: 7-1/7-4)
Power assisted steering   7-9  (for parts descr. pages: 7-7/7-8)
Steering pump and hydraulics   7-13  (for parts descr. pages: 7-11/7-12)
COOLING SYSTEM Radiator block   8-5  (for parts descr. pages: 8-1/8-3)
EXHAUST SYSTEM Pipes and silencers   9-5  (for parts descr. pages: 9-1/9-3)
PETROL SYSTEM Tanks & fuel pipes   10-3  (for parts descr. pages: 10-1/10-2)
HEATING, VENTILATING Heaters front & rear   11-11  (for parts descr. pages: 11-1/11-7)
Heater vacuum controls   11-12  (for parts descr. pages: 11-8/11-10)
AIR CONDITIONING Compressor, pulleys, condenser   12-11  (for parts descr. pages: 12-1/12-4)
Receiver, drier, evaporator   12-12  (for parts descr. pages: 12-5/12-9)
ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Alternator   13-3  (for parts descr. page: 13-1)
Starter motor   13-5  (for parts descr. page: 13-4)
Distributor, ignition coil   13-7  (for parts descr. pages: 13-6/13-6B)
Petrol pump   13-9  (for parts descr. page: 13-8)
Instrument panel   13-15  (for parts descr. pages: 13-10/13-13)
Lamps   13-23  (for parts descr. pages: 13-16/13-22)
Windscreen wiper   13-25  (for parts descr. page: 13-24)
Windscreen washer motor & bottle   13-27  (for parts descr. page: 13-26)
Battery, horn, harnesses, cables, relays   13-xx  (for parts descr. pages: 13-28/13-35)
BODY Underframe parts   14-3  (for parts descr. pages: 14-1/14-2)
Body panels   14-9  (for parts descr. pages: 14-5/14-7)
BODY FITTING Exterior brightwork   15-5  (for parts descr. pages: 15-1/15-3)
Exterior brightwork   15-11  (for parts descr. pages: 15-6/15-10)
Body glass & seals   15-15  (for parts descr. pages: 15-13/15-14)
Bonnet and boot lids   15-21  (for parts descr. pages: 15-17/15-20)
Front door assembly   15-29  (for parts descr. pages: 15-23/15-28)
Rear door assembly   15-37  (for parts descr. pages: 15-31/15-36)
Seats, division, quarter lights   15-45  (for parts descr. pages: 15-39/15-43)
Trim and finish, front compartment   15-53  (for parts descr. pages: 15-47/15-52)
Trim and finish, rear compartment   15-61  (for parts descr. pages: 15-55/15-60)
Carpets, felts, trim facings   15-67  (for parts descr. pages: 15-63/15-65)
TOOL KIT / SPARE WHEEL Tool box   16-3  (for parts descr. pages: 16-1/16-2)
OPTIONAL EXTRAS Flagstaff, mats, rug, footrest, seat belts, fog lamps   17-xx  (for parts descr. pages: 17-1/17-2)

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