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Note: the CD described below was replaced by a newer version on DVD, covering a whole range of Daimler cars on a single medium. See the illustration on the right. However, that one seems to have disappeared from Jaguar's product portfolio as well. Beware: those newer DVDs are encrypted and require special software to view. Be sure to check that your computer system meets the requirements; they are very restrictive! The older CD, as described here-below, requires a simple PDF viewer only.

cdrom surface    In the Summer of 2003, the Jaguar Classic Parts programme (Unipart), in cooperation with the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust produced a CD-ROM with two complete Parts Catalogues, and two complete Service Manuals in scanned format. The Jaguar part/publication number of this CD was JHM 1132.

The CD-ROM contains the following documentation, all in Adobe-PDF format:

  • Parts Catalogue RTC9183B (July 1978)
  • Parts Catalogue RTC9887CD (Oct. 1985)
  • Service Manual AKM3978 (1977)
  • Service Manual AKM9135-Ed4 (1990)
  • Colour scan of a 4-page brochure Heritage for Hire
  • Colour scan of a 2-page brochure Oil and body care products
  • Adobe Acrobat reader software for MS/Windows

All four manuals are also present on this web site. Click on the cover picture (right) to go to the appropriate manual.

The yellow limousine (WOM366T) drawing was first published as an illustration in the 1992 Jaguar calendar, as shown elsewhere on this web site. This car is from the collection of the Coventry Transport Museum.

Note: currently (2019,2020) an Australian seller on eBay offers DVDs with DS420 workshop manuals, and he uses the same yellow DS420 image on his cover. However, these DVDs are not copies of the Jaguar published CD described here. His eBay description specifically says 'manual', not 'manuals', but does not mention any manual publication number. Apart from the yellow DS420 image, the remainder of his cover illustration is sufficiently different to see that it is a different product. Buyer beware!

title page RTC9183B (3.3kB) cover page RTC9887CD (3.4kB)
new.titlepage (6.5kB) binder cover AKM9135Ed4 (2.5kB)
Mark Greer   

Since this JDHT-CD has scanned manual pages only (indexed by paragraph header texts), there is no textual search facility provided (neither is this the case on this web site). The total space used is 90 Megabytes approx.

Reading the manuals from CD eliminates any download-time. Since the pages were scanned at 300 dpi, the Adobe PDF mechanism allows for very large magnifications, and a better resolution than this web site can provide.

The documentation (see illustration below) specifies "Windows 95 Minimum" for the use of this CD-ROM. Use under Linux/UNIX or Mac systems is possible if the Adobe Acrobat reader, or a substitute, is installed. All files are plain standard PDFs. The only disadvantage is that each manual is split into many separate files.

Outside cover   Inside cover

I wrote a review of this CD for publication in The Driving Member magazine of November 2003 (Vol. 40 No. 3):

Review Driving Member Nov. 2003

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