Daimler DS420 Service Manual AKM3978 (1977)


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titlepage (21.8kB)     This manual AKM3978 (year of publication: 1977) is the second of the Service Manual editions for the DS420.

The manual is included on the Unipart/JDHT CD-ROM described elsewhere on this web site.

For younger cars you may consult newer editions of the service manual, such as AKM9135 (1985). For older cars you may consult E1021-1 (1969)

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The text pages of this manual are sometimes hard to read, because of a lack of contrast. This reflects the quality of my copy of the original document. I have bought a better copy since, which I will use to replace the current scans in due time.

This manual had at least one reprint, which was a facsimile copy of the original one. Note the BL-logo on the newer front page on the right. The manual on the left was produced by The Nuffield Press Limited, Cowley, Oxford England and the one on the right by Donbro (Printers) Limited, St.Albans Lane, Golders Green, London NW11 7QB.

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    The following table of contents follows the sequence of pages in the manual.


Safety & precaution against damage   Int-8
Preparation, dismantling, inspection   Int-8
Ball & roller bearings   Int-8
Oil seals   Int-9
Joints & joint faces   Int-10
Flexible hydraulic pipes, hoses   Int-10
Metric bolt & nut identification   Int-10
Hydraulic fittings, metrification   Int-11
Keys, keyways, split pins   Int-12
Tab washers, nuts, locking wire   Int-12
Screw threads, Unified Thread identification   Int-12
Jacking, lifting and towing   Int-12
Description   A-5
Data for 9:1 compr. engines   A-5
Fuel requirements for 9:1 engines   A-8
Data for 7.5:1 compr. engines   A-8
Fuel requirements for 7.5:1 engines   A-9
Routine maintenance   A-10
Routine maintenance (later)   A-12
Recommended lubricants   A-13
Cylinder head exploded view drawing   A-14
Cylinder head overhaul   A-16
Pistons & gudgeon pins   A-22
Connecting rod & bearings   A-25
Oil pump   A-25
Oil pump exploded view drawing   A-28
Oil filter (early cars)   A-29
Oil filter (canister type   A-30
Oil sump   A-30
Inlet manifold   A-31
Crankshaft damper   A-31
Timing gear   A-32
Engine mountings   A-33
Overhaul revised for later cars   A-34
Engine removal & dismantling   A-35
Cylinder block exploded view drawing   A-36
Crankshaft removal & overhaul   A-38
Cylinder block overhaul   A-40
Description & data (type HD8)   B-3
Carburetter exploded view drawing   B-4
Routine maintenance   B-6
Removal, cleaning, tuning   B-7
Centring the jet   B-8
Auxiliary starting carburetter   B-9
Throttle control linkage setting   B-10
Carburetter type HIF7   B-11
Mixture control (HIF7)   B-13
HIF7 (European) removal, overhaul   B-14
Autom. enrichment device (AED)   B-17
AED Diaphragm   B-17
AED Needle valve, filter   B-18
Hot air delivery   B-18
Hot air filter   B-19
Fuel system / petrol pump   B-20
Petrol pump schematic drawing   B-20
Description, removal, dismantling   B-21
Petrol pump exploded view drawing   B-22
Inspection, assembly   B-23
Petrol tanks removal   B-25
Petrol tank component drawing   B-26
Fuel tank draining   B-27
Description, data, routine maintenance   C-3
Anti-freeze   C-4
Radiator   C-4
Fan, fan belt   C-5
Thermostat, water pump   C-6
Water temperature gauge   C-8
Pressure testing   C-8
Gear ratios, shift speeds   D-3
Tightening torque figures   D-3
Special service tools   D-4
Description, torque converter   D-5
Gear set, clutches   D-5
Bands, one way clutch   D-6
Mechanical power flow   D-6
Hydraulic system   D-7
Control system   D-9
Maintenance   D-18
Road testing, pressure testing   D-19
Fault diagnosis   D-19
Fault diagnosis chart   D-21
Service adjustments   D-23
Transmission unit removal, refitting   D-26
Transmission unit, dismantling   D-26
Transmission assembling   D-39
Converter housing exploded view drawing   D-42
Steering column control exploded view   D-43
Transmission unit exploded view drawing   D-44
Description   D-49
Mechanical power flows   D-50
Keys to hydraulic operation charts   D-51
Hydraulic operation charts   D-52
General data, gear shift speeds   D-58
Torque tightening figures   D-58
Road test, fault diagnosis   D-59
Spring identification table   D-62
Gear selector cable   D-63
Kick down switch & solenoid   D-64
Vacuum unit   D-64
Converter housing, converter   D-65
Transmission assembly remove, refit    D-66
Transmission assembly overhaul   D-66
Valve block overhaul   D-70
Rear clutch   D-72
Front clutch   D-75
Pump   D-77
Rear servo   D-78
Governor   D-79
Parking brake pawl assembly   D-78
Brake bands   D-80
Transmission assembly: reassembling   D-80
Lubrication system   D-85
Oil pan, oil strainer   D-86
Vacuum control unit low pressure check   D-87
Vacuum control unit diaphragm   D-88
Front brake band, rear brake band   D-88
Kick down solenoid & switch   D-89
Stall speed   D-89
Valve block remove, refit   D-90
Description, routine maintenance   E-3
Front & rear propeller shaft   E-3
Centre bearing   E-4
Divided propeller shaft alignment   E-4
Alignment in the horizontal plane   E-4
Alignment in the vertical plane   E-5
Adjustment of the engine stabiliser   E-5
Universal joints   E-5
Description, schematic drawing (early)   F-3
Thornton "Powr-Lok" differential   F-4
Data & recommended lubricants   F-5
Special tools, Routine maintenance   F-6
Removal   F-6
Output shafts dismantling   F-7
Differential unit dismantling   F-7
Pinion dismantling & assembling   F-9
Differential unit assembling   F-10
Output shafts assembling   F-12
Drive gear adjustment   F-12
Final drive (early) exploded view   F-14
Later units additional info   F-15
Output shaft (later)   F-15
Schematic drawing (later)   F-16
Pinion bearings, drive flange   F-17
Output shaft oil seal   F-18
Final drive unit (later)   F-19
Description, Data, Lubricants   G-3
Operation   G-3
Steering box cut away drawing   G-4
Valve   G-4
Pressure pump   G-5
Routine maintenance   G-5
Adjustments in car   G-6
Checking the hydraulic system   G-7
Steering box removal, dismantling   G-7
Steering box exploded view   G-9
Examination of components   G-10
Adjustment of rebuilt gear   G-12
Refitting   G-12
External & internal seals   G-13
Pressure pump removal, dismantling   G-13
Steering wheel   G-17
Steering column (upper)   G-17
Steering column (lower)   G-18
Steering idler assembly   G-18
Centre track-rod, lock stops   G-18
Front wheel alignment   G-18
Fault finding chart   G-19
Accidental damage assessment   G-23
Description, data   H-3
Routine maintenance   H-3
Removal   H-3
Sectioned view drawings   H-4
Hydraulic dampers   H-5
Coil springs, wheel hubs   H-6
Bearing end-float adjustment   H-7
Stub axle carriers, lower wishbone   H-7
Upper wishbone   H-8
Upper wishbone ball joint   H-9
Castor angle adjustment   H-9
Camber angle adjustment   H-10
Anti-roll bar   H-11
Accidental damage assessment   H-12
Description, drawing, data   I-3
Routine maintenance, lubricants   I-4
Rear suspension assembly, removal   I-4
Road springs, hydraulic dampers   I-5
Rear hubs   I-5
Drive shafts   I-8
Radius arm   I-8
Hydraulic dampers   I-9
Wishbone   I-10
Wishbone outer pivot   I-11
Inner fulcrum wishbone mounting bracket   I-12
Rear wheel camber angle adjustment   I-13
Special tools   I-14
Rear suspension exploded view   I-15
BRAKES (early model) J-1
Description   J-4
Front brake exploded view   J-5
Rear brake exploded view   J-6
Data, Routine maintenance   J-7
Recommended fluids   J-8
Bleeding the system   J-9
Brake overhaul, precautions   J-9
Flushing the system   J-10
Brake pedal shaft housing   J-10
Vacuum concentric booster   J-10
Master cylinder   J-13
Exploded view drawing   J-14
Front & rear calipers   J-16
Front & rear brake discs   J-16
Brake disc "run-out"   J-17
Renewing friction pads   J-17
Renewing brake piston seals   J-17
Handbrake   J-18
Warning light   J-19
Vacuum reservoir, check valve   J-19
BRAKES (newer model) J-20
Description; metric threads   J-20
Front disc removal, refitting   J-20
Rear disc removal, refitting   J-21
Disc shields, front   J-21
Three way connector (rear), pipes   J-22
Brake bleeding   J-22
Drain, flush, refill   J-23
Tandem master cylinder   J-23
Fluid reservoir master cylinder   J-24
Brake pads front & rear   J-25
Hand brake pads   J-25
Brake servo check & test   J-26
Front & rear caliper remove, refit   J-26
Handbrake mechanism   J-27
Front caliper overhaul   J-27
Rear caliper overhaul   J-28
Description, data, pressures   K-3
Tyre replacement, wear, repair   K-4
Instrument panel, facia panel   L-5
Bonnet, bonnet lock   L-5
Luggage compartment   L-6
Petrol filler lids   L-6
Front bumper   L-7
Rear bumper   L-8
Windscreen   L-8
Rear window   L-9
Front & rear door trim casings   L-10
Doors & hinges   L-11
Front door no draught ventilation   L-11
Front & rear window regulator (manual)   L-12
Rear heater unit   L-13
Front door lock mechanism (early)   L-13
Rear door lock mechanism (early)   L-14
Rear door lock mechanism (later)   L-15
Door lock striker plates   L-16
Door lock remote control   L-17
Door outside handle & push-button   L-17
Door inside handle   L-18
Exhaust system   L-18
Heating & ventilating description   M-3
Heater controls   M-3
Air distribution   M-3
Vacuum system   M-3
Cold weather, warm weather   M-3
Vacuum servo system   M-4
Scuttle ventilator servo   M-4
Heater tap servo   M-5
Vacuum supply tank   M-5
Heater unit, heater matrix   M-5
Components exploded view   M-6
Vacuum servo exploded view   M-7
Fan motor   M-8
Vacuum servo for scuttle vent   M-8
Heater control button panel   M-8
Windscreen washer operation   M-9
Washer data & testing   M-9
Dismantling, performance test   M-10
Battery   N-5
Distributor   N-5
Distributor routine maintenance   N-6
Distributor data   N-7
Contact breaker malfunction   N-7
Ignition distributor test data   N-8
Distributor exploded view drawing   N-9
11AC alternator: description, performance   N-10
Servicing   N-12
Dismantling, inspection of brush gear   N-13
Inspection of slip rings, Rotor   N-14
Stator, diodes, bearings   N-15
Alternator output control 4TR   N-14
4TR operation, circuit diagram   N-15
4TR checking, adjusting   N-16
Warning light control unit 3AW   N-16
20ACR alternator: description, test   N-17
20ACR removal, refitting   N-18
Alternator drive belt   N-19
Alternator overhaul   N-19
Alternator inspection & testing   N-19
Alternator control box   N-21
Starter motor M45G   N-21
M45G switch off device, roller clutch   N-22
M45G starter solenoid, solenoid switch   N-23
M45G Performance data   N-23
M45G Routine maintenance   N-23
Removal, refitting, testing & measuring   N-24
M45G Fault diagnosis   N-25
Dismantling, bench inspection   N-25
Checking the roller clutch drive   N-27
Reassembly, setting pinion movement   N-27
M45G Starter switch contacts   N-28
Starter motor 3M100   N-28
3M100 Solenoid   N-28
3M100 Overhaul   N-28
3M100 bench testing   N-31
Headlights routine maintenance   N-32
Lamp bulb chart   N-33
Headlamp beam setting   N-34
Light bulb replacements   N-35
Flasher unit   N-37
Fuse unit   N-38
Fuse circuits   N-39
Horns Lucas 9H   N-39
Windscreen wiper data & description   N-40
Wiper motor removal   N-41
Wheelboxes   N-41
Wiper fault diagnosis & testing   N-42
Switch to wiper - wiring diagram   N-43
Wiring harness replacement   N-44
Instrument panel, removal   N-44
Clock, tachometer (revolution counter)   N-45
Speedometer, drive cable   N-45
Speedometer general instructions   N-46
Flashing indicator control   N-47
Inhibitor switch & relay   N-47
Instrument panel components   N-47
Ignition switch   N-47
Cigar lighter. switches, gauges   N-48
Bi-metal resistence (gauge) instrumentation   N-48
Engine temperature gauge   N-49
Fuel tank gauge, oil pressure gauge   N-50
Engine temperature & tank gauge faults   N-51
Oil pressure gauge faults   N-52
Principles of air conditioning   O-3
Refrigerant   O-3
Maintenance   O-4
Oil level, lubricants   O-4
Refrigeration system: charging & servicing   O-5
Service diagnosis   O-7
Compressor unit   O-8
Fault diagnosis chart   O-9
Tightening torque figures   O-9
Compressor service valves   O-10
Magnetic clutch   O-10
Expansion valve   O-10
Receiver-drier; sight glass   O-11
Condensers   O-12
Evaporator   O-13
Electrical system   O-13
Fan & thermostat   O-14

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