Daimler DS420 Owner's Manual AKM 8090 Ed 4 (1989)


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This publication AKM8090, with its typical red cover, is (as far as I know) the last version of Owner's Manual (Operating, Maintenance and Service Handbook) for the DS420, and it was published in 5 consecutive editions.

We show here the 4th edition of this AKM8090, published in 1989. The even later 5th edition (1991, with minor differences), can be consulted here. The 1st edition (1980) and 2nd edition (1983) are substantially smaller; the 3rd edition (1987) is similar to (but not identical to) this 4th one.

If anybody knows more about an even later publication AKM9117, then please let me know.

Earlier versions of the Owner's Manual, preceding the AKM8090 family, are from 1974, from 1972, and from 1968.

The most visible changes are the introduction of the cast alloy road wheels instead of the pressed steel ones, and the face-lift of the dashboard controls where a lever was introduced for the windscreen wiper, a totally new starter switch mechanism, and clustered warning lights.

Typical new items in detail are: new starter switch handle (p012), main beam (lamp) dipper foot switch replaced by lever (p026), wind screen wiper switches replaced by lever (p029), a warning light cluster on the dashboard (p022 item 16), a new glove compartment lock handle (p035), cast alloy wheels (p071), and an under-bonnet lamp (p124). The latter replaced the antique "two-pin plug socket" which can be seen here in the previous edition,

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The different sections of this manual are:

  • Foreword p003
  • Contents p005
  • Pre-driving p007
  • Controls and instruments p019
  • Fittings p033
  • Heating and air conditioning p041
  • Running and safety p049
  • Vehicle care p063
  • Optional equipment p073
  • Vehicle maintenance p085
  • Specification p125
  • Index p135

The following list is an expanded version of the table of contents of the manual:

Accelerator pedal (p026)
Aerial care (p066)
Aerial system (p080)
Air button (p044)
Air cleaner (p096)
Air conditioning control (p024)
Air conditioning control (p026)
Air conditioning, front (p027)
Air conditioning, front (p046)
Air conditioning, rear (p047)
Air distribution (p045)
Alcohol fuel (p133)
Alignment data (wheels) (p127)
Alloy road wheels (p066)
Alloy road wheels (p077)
Alternator (p052)
Anti-freeze (p098)
Anti-freeze (p132)
Arm rest (left) controls (p047)
Arm rest (left hand) controls (p031)
Arm rest (right hand) controls (p030)
Asbestos warning (c002)
Ashtrays (p027)
Ashtrays (p036)
Automatic car wash (p065)
Automatic gearbox (p128)
Automatic transmission fluid level (p100)
Automatic transmission selector (p027)
Automatic transmission selector (p056)
Battery charging (p052)
Battery condition indicator (p021)
Battery condition indicator (p113)
Battery connections (p113)
Battery electrolyte - check / top-up (p113)
Battery - state of charge (p113)
Blinds (p076)
Bonnet release control (p025)
Bonnet release control (p029)
Brake fluid / handbrake warning light (p024)
Brake fluid level (p107)
Brake fluid level warning (p024)
Brake fluid warning (c001)
Brake lights - bulb replacement (p119)
Brake pedal and lights (p026)
Brake pedal (p026)
Brake pipes - checking (p109)
Brake servo air filter (p108)
Brakes (p055)
Braking system bleeding (p109)
Braking system hydraulic fluid (p132)
Braking system - preventive maintenance (p109)
Bulb chart (p129)
Camber angle, front wheel (p104)
Camber angle, front wheels (p127)
Camber angle, rear suspension (p128)
Capacities (p128)
Carburettors, top-up dampers (p101)
Carpets (p068)
Cast alloy road wheels (p066)
Cast alloy road wheels (p071)
Castor angle, front wheel (p104)
Castor angle, front wheels (p127)
Central door locking (p027)
Central door locking - thermal cut out (p116)
Central locking (p014)
Central locking (p030)
Central locking (p031)
Child safety (p017)
Choke control (p025)
Chromium plating (p066)
Cigar lighters (p027)
Cigar lighters (p036)
Clock (p024)
Clocks (p037)
Coachwork washing (p065)
Cocktail cabinet (p078)
Cold weather, heating system (p045)
Combination stalk switch (p026)
Compressor protection (airco) (p048)
Containers with petroleum (p061)
Coolant (low) warning light (p024)
Coolant (p132)
Coolant temperature gauge (p021)
Cool box, refrigerated (p075)
Cooling down (p046)
Cooling fans (p099)
Cooling system - drain and refill (p098)
Cooling system fluids (p132)
Curtains (p077)
Data (general) specification (p127)
De-misting (p046)
Dimensions (p128)
Direction indicator bulb replacement (p119)
Direction indicators (p065)
Direction indicator warning light (p024)
Direction indicator warning light (p025)
Discharged battery (p052)
Distributor, lubrication (p095)
Distributor. points (p095)
Division blind (p076)
Division switch, front (p027)
Division switch, rear (p030)
Division switch, rear (p031)
Door drain holes (p066)
Door guard lamp - bulb replacement (p123)
Door locks (p010)
Door locks (p013)
Drive belts (p097)
Driving hints (p054)
Dynamometer test (p092)
Emergency starting (p052)
Engine heater (p099)
Engine number (p009)
Engine oil and filter (p093)
Engine oil level (p093)
Engine start (p012)
Ethanol fuel (p133)
Facia warning lights bulb replacement (p124)
Fan/steering pump drive belt (p097)
Fan switch, front (p044)
Fan switch, rear (p044)
Final drive oil level check (p103)
Final drive (p128)
Fines (p062)
Fire extinguisher (p061)
Fire extinguisher (p083)
First aid kit (p061)
Flagstaff (p083)
Fog guard switch, rear (p027)
Fog guard warning, rear (p025)
Fog lamp - bulb replacement (p121)
Fog switch, front (p021)
Footbrake adjustment (p107)
Foot rests (p039)
Fresh air ventilation (p025)
Fresh air ventilation (p045)
Friction pads - renewal (p108)
Front fog lamp switch (p021)
Front seat adjustment (p015)
Front wheel alignment (p104)
Front wheel camber angle (p105)
Front wheel castor angle (p105)
Frost precautions (p098)
Fuel consumption (p133)
Fuel filler cap (p014)
Fuel filter (p102)
Fuel level gauge (p021)
Fuel requirements (p132)
Fuel tank changeover switch (p021)
Fuel tank filler flaps (p014)
Fuse guide - main (p115)
Fuse guide - supplementary (p116)
Gear selection (p056)
General data (p127)
Glass surfaces (p065)
Glove compartment locker (p035)
Grease, removal (p065)
Grease specification (p131)
Half shafts (p106)
Handbrake adjustment (p107)
Handbrake lever (p026)
Handbrake warning light (p024)
Hazard warning switch (p026)
Hazard warning system (p024)
Hazard warning system (p061)
Headlamp beam setting (p117)
Headlamp conversion (left/right driving) (p062)
Headlamp flasher (p026)
Headlamp main beam (p026)
Headlamp (outer) pilot light bulb replacement (p120)
Headlamp unit (inner) - replacement (p118)
Headlamp unit (outer) - replacement (p118)
Headlamp warning light (p024)
Headlamp warning (p024)
Headlining (p068)
Head restraints (p015)
Heated rear screen switch (p025)
Heated rear screen switch (p026)
Heater controls, front (p027)
Heater controls, front (p043)
Heater control switch, rear (p031)
Heater fan switch, front (p025)
Horn (p028)
Hot weather, heating system (p045)
Hydraulic fluids (brakes) (c001)
Identification number (p009)
Ignition key (p010)
Ignition / starter switch (p012)
Ignition / starter switch (p026)
Ignition / steering column lock (p012)
Ignition / steering column lock (p026)
Ignition timing (p096)
Ignition warning light (p024)
Inertia reel mechanism (seat belts) check (p018)
Inner pivot bearings (p106)
Instrument panel dim switch (p021)
Insurance, vehicle (p062)
Intercom (p025)
Intercom (p082)
Interior driving mirror (p028)
Interior lights - bulb replacement (p122)
Interior light switch, front (p021)
Interior light switch, rear (p024)
Interior light switch, rear (p030)
Interior light switch, rear (p031)
Jacking equipment and tool kit (p040)
Jacking the car (p070)
Keys (p010)
Leather upholstery (p067)
Lighting switch, master (p021)
Lighting switch, master (p057)
Literature pack (p003)
Locks (door) frozen (p054)
Locks, front door (p013)
Lubricants and fluids (p130)
Luggage compartment light - bulb replacement (p121)
Luggage compartment (p040)
Maintenance, general (p088)
Maintenance, schedules (p089)
Master lighting switch (p021)
Master lighting switch (p057)
Methanol fuel (p133)
Mileage recorder (p025)
Nationality plate (p062)
No draught ventilation (p038)
Number plate light - bulb replacement (p120)
Occasional seats (p039)
Oil filter, renewal (p093)
Oil pressure gauge (p021)
Oil specifications (p130)
Oil, synthetic (p132)
Oil, used (p132)
Outer pivot bearings (p106)
Paint chips (p066)
Panel light switch (dimmer) (p021)
Parking (p051)
Petroleum spirit in containers (p061)
Pilot light - outer headlamp (p120)
Polishing (p065)
Power steering reservoir (p104)
Precautions (p004)
Precautions, vehicle maintenance (p087)
Propeller shafts (p105)
Quarter lights (p038)
Radio, radio cassette player (p027)
Radio, radio cassette player (p079)
Reading lamps rear, bulb replacement (p123)
Reading lamps, rear (p037)
Rear fog guard lamp switch (p027)
Rear fog guard warning tell-tail (p025)
Rear shock absorbers (p106)
Rear tail light / brake - bulb replacement (p119)
Rear wheel bearings (p106)
Rear window blind (p076)
Recovery of the vehicle (p058)
Refrigerated cool box (p075)
Registration document (p062)
Reversing lights - bulb replacement (p120)
Rocking the car (p051)
Roof lamp / plaque (p022)
Roof lamp / plaque (p083)
Roof lamp switch (p025)
Running-in (p054)
Screenwash (p069)
Seat adjustment (p015)
Seat belts, care of (p017)
Seat belts (p016)
Service intervals (p089)
Shock absorbers, front (p104)
Shock absorbers, rear (p106)
Side light, front, bulb replacement (p119)
Sight glass (airco) (p048)
Spares kit, advisable (p061)
Spare wheel (p040)
Sparking plugs (p096)
Speedometer (p025)
Starter switch (p012)
Starter switch (p026)
Starting (p051)
Starting with discharged battery (p052)
Steering column adjustment (p011)
Steering idler lever housing (p105)
Steering lock (p012)
Steering lock (p026)
Steering reservoir (p104)
Steering tie-rods (p104)
Stopping (p051)
Sun visors (p035)
Suspended towing (p059)
Suspension, front (p104)
Suspension, front (p127)
Suspension, rear (p106)
Suspension, rear (p128)
Suspension, rear pivot bearings (p106)
Tachometer (p024)
Tail light bulb replacement (p119)
Tar, removal (p065)
Telephone, cellular radio (p062)
Telephone, cellular radio (p083)
Television (p080)
Temperature control (p026)
Temperature controls (p044)
Temperature gauge (p021)
Tie-rods (p104)
Tool kit (p040)
Torque tightening values (p127)
Touring (p061)
Towing recovery (p060)
Transmission fluid level (p100)
Transmission number (p009)
Transporting (p058)
Triangle, warning (p061)
Trip recorder (p025)
Tyre damage (p110)
Tyre pressures (p110)
Tyre pressures (p128)
Tyre repair (p110)
Tyre replacement and wheel interchanging (p110)
Tyres, cross-ply, warning (p111)
Tyres, specification (p128)
Tyre wear (p111)
Underbody checks (p092)
Underbonnet lamp, bulb replacement (p124)
Unleaded fuel (p132)
Unleaded fuel (p133)
Upholstery, leather (p067)
Upholstery, non-leather (p067)
Vacuum system (p045)
Valet kit (p065)
Vehicle identification (p009)
Vehicle recovery (p058)
Ventilation, fresh air (p025)
Video recorder / player (p081)
VIN Car identification (p009)
Warning lamp cluster (p022)
Warning lamps - bulb replacement (p124)
Warning light cluster (p024)
Warning lights (facia) bulb replacement (p124)
Warnings (p004)
Warning triangle (p061)
Weight load limits (p009)
Weights (p128)
Wheel bearing adjustment (p106)
Wheel bearing, rear - lubrication (p106)
Wheel changing and jacking (p070)
Wheel, spare (p040)
Wheel swivels (p105)
Window, division switch, front (p027)
Window, division switch, rear (p030)
Window, division switch, rear (p031)
Windows, front, electrically operated (p027)
Windows, rear, electrically operated (p030)
Windows, rear, electrically operated (p031)
Windscreen screenwash (p132)
Windscreen washer jets (p069)
Windscreen washer reservoir (p069)
Windscreen washers, operation (p069)
Windscreen washer switch (p026)
Windscreen washer switch (p029)
Windscreen wiper blade - renew (p112)
Windscreen wiper switch (p026)
Windscreen wiper switch (p029)
Winter driving (p054)
Wiper blades (winter) (p054)

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