Daimler DS420 Owner's Manual AKM 8090 Ed 2 (1983)


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This publication AKM8090, with its typical red cover, is the last Owner's Manual (Operating, Maintenance and Service Handbook) for the DS420. It was published in 5 consecutive editions, with a substantial revision from Ed. 2 to Ed. 3 We show here the 2nd edition, published in 1983. The last page has the document number 1M/9/83. We also have a separate 1987 addendum leaflet to this manual.

For the previous edition (1st, 1980, almost similar to the current one) see here. For the next (3rd - 1987), much enlarged edition see here. The 4th (1989) edition is here, and the 5th edition (~1991) is here.

Earlier versions of the Owner's Manual are from 1974, from 1972, and from 1968.

Typical new items on the car, and typical changes over the previous manual description are: BL became Jaguar again (p007), an air condition unit for the front compartment is shown on the instrument-panel overview (p008) but nowhere described (the next edition corrects this omission), the starter button and keyhole became a starter switch integrated into the steering column lock (p013), its place on the centre facia was taken by the (optional) roof light switch and warning lamp (p008) or left unoccupied (p029), the switch for the heated backlight moved to the place where the roof light switch used to be (p011) the form of the steering wheel changed substantially (p015), central door locking appeared as an option (p017), a manual choke became available as an alternative to the AED - automatic enrichment device (choke knob next to the bonnet release handle) (p026) and all references to the Borg Warner gearboxes disappeared. Also a new section on optional equipment (TV, video, cool box) was added (p074).

After the large redesign of 1982 (and the slight boost of sales resulting from this), technical improvements did not come to a halt. Before the owner's manual got its next revised printing in 1987, an addendum leaflet was prepared for this 1983 edition. The one we show here came with a car sold in Jan. 1987. You may click on the image to enlarge it. Technical details about the additions listed on this leaflet can of course be found in the next edition of the Owner's Manual.    1987 addendum leaflet

If you want to start browsing through this 1983 manual (80 pp.) from the first page on, click Here.

The different sections of this manual are:

  • Contents p003
  • Foreword p005
  • Car identification p007
  • Controls, switches and gauges p008
  • Operating Instructions p019
  • Automatic transmission p027
  • Heating and air conditioning p029
  • Windscreen washers p033
  • Radio - intercom p035
  • Recommended lubricants p037
  • Maintenance Schedules p039
  • Routine maintenance p044
  • Wheels and tyres p060
  • Electrical equipment p062
  • Data p071
  • Optional Equipment p074
  • Index p076
  • Fuel consumption p079

The following list is an expanded version of the table of contents (index) of the manual:

Accelerator pedal (p014)
Aerial system (p074)
Air button (p030)
Air cleaner (p047)
Air conditioning (p032)
Air filter in break servo (p059)
Alignment, front wheels (p055)
Alternator belt tension (p048)
Anti-freeze (p034)
Anti-freeze (p050)
Arm rest (left hand) controls (p019)
Arm rest (right hand) controls (p017)
Ashtrays (p018)
Automatic enrichment device (p052)
Automatic transmission - oil level checking (p051)
Automatic transmission - operation (p027)
Battery condition indicator (p010)
Battery condition indicator (p069)
Battery connections (p062)
Battery electrolyte level (p062)
Belt tensions (p048)
Bonnet lock control handle (p012)
Bonnet lock / safety catch (p023)
Brake bleeding (p060)
Brake fluid level and handbrake warning light (p011)
Brake fluid level (p058)
Brake fluid - renewal (p060)
Brake lights (p022)
Brake pedal (p014)
Brake pipes - checking (p060)
Brake servo air filter (p059)
Brake system - overhaul (p059)
Brake system (p058)
Bulb (lamps) chart (p070)
Bulbs, replacement (p066)
Camber angle, front wheel alignment (p056)
Camber angle, front wheel alignment (p071)
Camber angle, rear (p072)
Capacities (p072)
Carburetter data (p071)
Carburetters (p052)
Car heating and ventilating system (p029)
Car identification (p007)
Carpets (p061)
Castor angle, front wheel alignment (p056)
Castor angle, front wheel alignment (p071)
Central door locking (p012)
Central door locking thermal cut-out (p075)
Central locking switch (p017)
Central locking switch (p019)
Charging battery (p069)
Checks, daily and weekly (p039)
Child safety (p020)
Chromium (p061)
Cigar lighter - driving compartment (p011)
Cigar lighter - passenger compartment (p018)
Clock, driving compartment (p010)
Clock, passenger compartment (p018)
Coachwork (p061)
Compression Ratio (p007)
Compression ratio (p071)
Compressor drive belt (p048)
Contact breaker points (p046)
Coolant temperature gauge (p010)
Cool box (p074)
Cooling fans (p049)
Cooling system additives (p038)
Cooling system care (p049)
Data (p071)
De-misting (p033)
Dimensions and weights (p072)
Direction indicator handle (p013)
Direction indicator lights (p012)
Distributor - contact breaker points (p046)
Distributor - lubrication (p045)
Door and body sill drain holes (p061)
Dynamometer test (p042)
Electrical equipment (p062)
Electrically heated backlight (p011)
Electrically operated windows - driving compartment (p013)
Electrically operated windows - passenger compartment (p017)
Electrically operated windows - passenger compartment (p019)
Electric clock, driving compartment (p010)
Electric clock, passenger compartment (p018)
Electric division switch - driving compartment (p013)
Electric division switch - passenger compartment (p017)
Engine compartment checks (p041)
Engine data (p071)
Engine heater (p049)
Engine number (p007)
Engine oil - changing (p044)
Engine oil level - checking (p044)
Fan/steering pump drive belt - checking (p048)
Fan switch (front + rear) (p030)
Filter, fuel (p053)
Final drive - oil changing (p054)
Final drive - oil level checking (p054)
Final drive unit (p072)
Flagstaff (p024)
Flashing direction indicators (p013)
Fog lamp - bulb replacement (p067)
Footbrake adjustment (p058)
Fresh air ventilation system (p031)
Friction pads - examining for wear (p059)
Friction pads - renewal (p059)
Front door locks (p016)
Front flasher bulb - replacement (p066)
Front suspension and steering (p055)
Front suspension data (p071)
Front wheel alignment (p055)
Front wheel camber angle - adjustment (p056)
Front wheel castor and camber angles (p071)
Front wheel castor angle - adjustment (p056)
Frost precautions (p050)
Fuel changeover switch (p012)
Fuel consumption (p079)
Fuel feed line filter - element renewal (p053)
Fuel level gauge (p010)
Fuel requirements (p038)
Fuel tank fillers (p022)
Fuses, additional list (p075)
Fuses (p063)
Gear selection (p027)
Half shafts (p057)
Handbrake cable adjustment (p058)
Handbrake lever (p014)
Handbrake mechanism (p058)
Handbrake warning light (p011)
Hazard warning light (p012)
Headlamp beam setting (p064)
Headlamp dipper (p014)
Headlamp flasher (p013)
Headlamp unit - replacement (p064)
Headlamp warning light (p012)
Headlining (p061)
Heated backlight (p011)
Heater control buttons (p029)
Heater control knob, passenger compartment (p019)
Heater control (p030)
Heater fan switch (p011)
Heating system (p029)
Horn (p015)
Hot weather (p031)
Hydraulic fluids, recommended (p038)
Ignition / steering column lock (p013)
Ignition switch (p013)
Ignition switch (p013)
Ignition timing (p047)
Ignition warning light (p012)
Inertia reel safety harness - check (p043)
Inertia reel safety harness (p020)
Inner headlight - replacement (p065)
Inner pivot bearings (p057)
Instrument panel overview (p008)
Intercom button (p011)
Intercom (p036)
Interior driving mirror (p015)
Interior light bulb - replacement (p068)
Interior light switch - driving compartment (p011)
Interior light switch - passenger compartment (p017)
Interior light switch - passenger compartment (p018)
Jacking equipment and tool kit (p023)
Keys (p007)
Lamp bulbs (p070)
Left-hand arm rest controls (p018)
Light bulbs, replacement (p066)
Lighting switch (p010)
Locks, front door (p016)
Locks, rear door (p021)
Lubricants, recommended (p037)
Luggage compartment illumination (p022)
Luggage compartment light bulb - replacement (p067)
Luggage compartment (p022)
Maintenance schedules (p039)
Map / reading lamps (p021)
Mileage recorder trip (p012)
No draught ventilation (p016)
Number plate light bulb - replacement (p066)
Occasional seats (p019)
Oil filter element (p045)
Oil level check and change (p044)
Oil pressure gauge (p010)
Oil, recommended (p037)
Optional equipment (p074)
Outer headlight unit - replacement (p065)
Outer pivot bearings (p057)
Paintwork (p061)
Panel light switch (p011)
Parking (p025)
Pilot lamp bulb in outer headlamp - replacement (p067)
Pivot bearings (p057)
Power steering reservoir - checking oil level (p055)
Propeller shafts (p056)
Quarter vent, rear (p021)
Radio (p035)
Radio (p074)
Radio speaker (p014)
Rail transport (p025)
Reading lamps (p021)
Rear / brake light bulb - replacement (p066)
Rear door locks (p021)
Rear flasher bulb - replacement (p066)
Rear fog guard lamp (p009)
Rear quarter vent (p021)
Rear seat belts (p020)
Rear suspension (p057)
Rear wheel bearings (p057)
Recommended hydraulic fluids (p038)
Recommended lubricants (p037)
Refrigerator / Cool box (p074)
Reversing light bulb - replacement (p067)
Reversing light (p022)
Revolution counter (p010)
Right hand armrest controls (p017)
Rocking the car (p025)
Roof lamp (p012)
Roof lamp (p012)
Running-in (p026)
Seat belts (p043)
Seat belts, rear (p020)
Shock absorbers, front (p055)
Shock absorbers, rear (p057)
Socket for two-pin plug (p062)
Spare wheel (p023)
Sparking plugs (p047)
Speedometer (p010)
Starter switch (p013)
Starting and driving (p026)
Starting, cold (p026)
Starting, emergency (p025)
Steering column lock (p013)
Steering idler lever housing (p056)
Steering reservoir, oil check (p055)
Steering tie-rods (p055)
Steering wheel adjustment (p015)
Television (p074)
Tool kit (p023)
Torque figures (p071)
Towing a caravan (p025)
Towing the car (p028)
Traffic hazard warning light (p012)
Transmission fluid level (p051)
Transmission number (p007)
Transmission selector (p014)
Two-pin plug socket (p062)
Tyre pressure data (p073)
Tyre pressure (p060)
Tyre pressures (p073)
Tyre replacement and wheel interchanging (p060)
Tyres, type (p073)
Underbody checks (p042)
Upholstery (p061)
Vacuum system (p031)
Ventilation (p029)
Ventilation quarter lights (p016)
Video equipment (p074)
VIN vehicle identification (p007)
Volume control knob (p014)
Warming-up (p026)
Warning light bulb replacement (p068)
Water temperature gauge (p010)
Weight/load limits (p007)
Weights (p072)
Wheel bearing adjustment (p057)
Wheel changing (p024)
Wheels and tyres (p060)
Wheel swivels (p056)
Windows, electrically operated, switches (p017)
Windscreen washer switch (p012)
Windscreen washing equipment (p033)
Windscreen washing jet nozzles (p034)
Windscreen wiper switch (p012)

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