Daimler DS420 Owner's Manual 1017/1 (1968)


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This publication 1017/1 is the oldest Owner's Manual (Operating, Maintenance and Service Handbook) for the DS420. Typical items which show the early version of the car are the dashboard clock with adjustment-dial at the front (p.1), the form of the armrest in the passenger compartment (p.23), the form of the engine air filter (p.34), and the form of the interior light in the driver's compartment (p.69). The next version (on this web site) 1017/3 (see it here) is from 1972.

There has been a 1017/2 edition of this handbook. It is basically the same as the 1017/1 shown here. Major differences are: one extra page on the new ignition & steering lock, introduction of a second type of recommended tyres (Dunlop HR15SP14), an extra page on the new air conditioning, and a few notes on the introduction of two lower compression engines (7:1 and 8:1) next to the 9:1 engine. In later documentation these are rebaptized: Low, Standard, and High compression.

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The following list is an expanded version of the table of contents of the manual:

Accelerator pedal (p04)
Air cleaner/filter (p34)
Alternator belt tension (p33)
Alternator - warning (i06)
Ammeter (p01)
Anti-freeze (p20)
Automatic transmission operation (p16)
Automatic transmission selector (p04)
Automatic transmission oil level - checking (p39)
Automatic transmission oil - changing (p39)
Automatic transmission oil - capacity (i10)
Battery connections - checking (p52)
Battery electrolyte level - checking (p52)
Belt (fan + steering pump) (p33)
Belt (alternator) (p33)
Bonnet lock control (p10)
Brake adjustment (p46)
Brake adjustment - handbrake cable (p48)
Brake fluid level and handbrake warning light (p04)
Brake fluid level - checking (p46)
Brake fluid - recommendations (p52)
Brake hydraulic system - bleeding (p62)
Brake friction pads - examination for wear (p47)
Brake friction pads - renewal (p47)
Brake pedal (p04)
Braking - engine braking (p18)
Braking lights (p08)
Camber angle - front wheel adjustment (p59)
Camber angle - rear wheel adjustment (p60)
Capacities (i11)
Carburetter filters - cleaning (p38)
Carburetter piston damper - lubrication (p35)
Carburetter - slow running adjustment (p35)
Carburetters (drawing) (p56)
Carburetter tuning (p57)
Carburetters - type (i09)
Carburetter - cleaning (p50)
Car identification (i07)
Carpets - cleaning (p50)
Castor angle - adjustment (p61)
Chromium plate - cleaning (p50)
Cigar lighters (p08)
Cooling fan (p27)
Cooling system - care of (p36)
Cooling system - capacity (i11)
Dashboard - overview (p03)
Data - general (i08)
Data - performance (i10)
Distributor - lubrication (p31)
Distributor - contact breaker points (p31)
Dimensions (i11)
Door drain holes (p50)
Door hinges - lubrication (p50)
Door locks - front (p06)
Door locks - rear (p06)
Engine data (i08)
Engine braking (p18)
Engine heater (p20)
Engine oil - checking level (p29)
Engine oil - changing (p30)
Engine oil - capacity (i10)
Electric clock (p01)
Fan switch - front compartment (p32)
Fan switch - rear compartment (p33)
Final drive - half shafts (p40)
Final drive - ratio (i09)
Final drive oil - capacity (i10)
Final drive oil - changing (p41)
Final drive oil - checking (p40)
Flashing direction indicators (p08)
Flashing direction indicators - warning lights (p03)
Fog lamp bulb - replacement (p68)
Free service (p28)
Front suspension (p42)
Front suspension - data (i09)
Front flasher bulb - replacement (p67)
Front wheel alignment (p43)
Frost precautions (p20)
Fuel level gauge (p01)
Fuel line filter (p35)
Fuel tank fillers (p05)
Fuel feed line filter (p36)
Fuel requirements (p26)
Fuses (p64)
Gear change ratios (i10)
Ground (earth) polarity (i06)
Half-shafts (p40)
Handbrake cable - adjustment (p48)
Handbrake lever (p05)
Headlamp beam setting (p63)
Headlamp bulb - replacement (p65)
Headlamp dipper (p04)
Headlamp flasher (p09)
Headlamp warning light (p02)
Head Lining - cleaning (p50)
Heating and ventilating equipment (p21)
Horn (p05)
Hydraulic fluid (p52)
Identification (i07)
Ignition warning light (p02)
Ignition switch (p06)
Ignition timing (p59)
Instrument panel - overview (p03)
Interior driving mirror (p11)
Interior light bulbs - replacement (p68)
Interior light switches (p07)
Jacking equipment (p13)
Key numbers (i07)
Lamp bulbs - overview (i12)
Lamp bulbs - replacement (p65)
Lighting switch (p07)
Lubrication - by oil can (p70)
Lubrication points (drawing) (p70)
Lubricants - recommendations (p53)
Luggage compartment bulb - replacement (p68)
Luggage compartment (p11)
Luggage compartment illumination (p08)
Maintenance - summary (p54)
No-draught ventilation (p10)
Number plate bulb - replacement (p67)
Numbers - identification (i07)
Occasional seats (p12)
Oil can lubrication (p51)
Oil level (engine) - checking (p29)
Oil level (engine) - changing (p30)
Oil pressure gauge (p01)
Panel light switch (p08)
Paintwork - cleaning (p51)
Petrol tanks - capacity (i10)
Petrol (fuel requirements) (p26)
Pivot bearings - lubrication (p44)
Propeller shaft splines and universal joints (p40)
Push starting (p18)
Radiator water level - checking (p38)
Rear axle - oil change (p27)
Rear flasher bulb - replacement (p67)
Rear/brake bulb - replacement (p68)
Rear springs (p44)
Rear suspension - data (i09)
Rear suspension pivots - lubrication (p44)
Reverse lights bulbs - replacement (p68)
Reversing light (p08)
Revolution counter (p02)
Rocking (mud, snow) (p18)
Running-in instructions (p26)
Scuttle ventilator (p22)
Seat belts - anchorage points (i06)
Service intervals (p54)
Shock absorbers - front (p42)
Shock absorbers - rear (p44)
Sidelight bulb - replacement (p66)
Spare wheel (p13)
Sparking plugs (p32)
Speedometer (p02)
Starting (emergency - by push) (p18)
Steering pump belt (p33)
Steering reservoir oil level - checking (p42)
Steering tie rods - lubrication (p43)
Steering wheel adjustment (p05)
Timing chain (p33)
Tool kit - description (p14)
Tool kit - picture (p15)
Top timing chain tension (p33)
Towing (p18)
Two pin plug socket (p13)
Tyres - replacement (p49)
Tyres - type (i10)
Tyre pressures (i10)
Upholstery - cleaning (p51)
Vacuum system (p23)
Ventilating system (p21)
VIN Vehicle identification (i07)
Water temperature gauge (p01)
Weight (i11)
Wheel alignment (p43)
Wheel bearing adjustment (p46)
Wheel bearing front - lubrication (p45)
Wheel bearing rear - lubrication (p45)
Wheel camber angle adjustment (p59)
Wheel castor angle adjustment (p61)
Wheel changing (p19)
Wheel swivels - lubrication (p43)
Wheels - interchanging (p49)
Windscreen washer - operation (p24)
Windscreen wipers (p09)

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