Daimler DS420 Owner's Manual 1017/3 (1972)


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This is the third version of the Owner's Manual (Operating, Maintenance and Service Handbook) for the DS420. Like the first version E1017/1 (1968), this handbook indicates that it serves the limos from the very first chassis numbers on (RHD:1M1001, LHD:1M20001). The second version (1017/2) was not very different from the first one (1017/1), and is therefore not shown on this web site.

The cover, shown above, looks similar to the cover of the next version E1038/1 (1974). It has the same hard cover style, but its size is about 1 cm. larger in both directions (22.5×16.5 cm).

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The following list is an expanded version of the table of contents of the manual:

Accelerator pedal (p05)
Adjustment - rear wheel (p52)
Air cleaner (filter) (p38)
Air conditioning (p23)
Alignment - front wheels (p49)
Alignment - front wheels (p50)
Alternator belt tension (p39)
Antifreeze (p42)
Arm rest (left) controls (p09)
Arm rest (right) controls (p08)
Ashtrays (p09)
Automatic gear changes (i08)
Automatic transmission - oil level (p16)
Automatic transmission - operation (p16)
Battery condition indicator (p01)
Battery condition indicators (p28)
Battery connections (p56)
Battery electrolyte level (p56)
Bonnet lock / safety catch (p14)
Brake band adjustment (p43)
Brake bleeding (p54)
Brake fluid level & handbrake warning light (p02)
Brake fluid level (p52)
Brake fluid - renewal (p54)
Brake pedal (p05)
Brake pipes - checking (p54)
Brake servo air filter (p54)
Brake system - overhaul (p54)
Braking lights (p13)
Braking System (p52)
Capacities (i09)
Carburetters and fuel system (p44)
Carburetter tuning - overview drawing (p46)
Carburetter type (i07)
Car heating & ventilating system (p20)
Car identification (i06)
Carpets (p55)
Chassis number (i06)
Cigar lighter - driving compartment (p02)
Cigar lighter - passenger compartment (p09)
Coachwork (p55)
Compressor drive belt (p40)
Cooling fan (p29)
Cooling system (p40)
Dimensions (i09)
Direction indicator lights (p03)
Distributor - contact breaker points (p37)
Distributor - lubrication (p36)
Electrical equipment (p56)
Electrically heated backlight (p03)
Electrically operated windows - driving compartment (p04)
Electrically operated windows - passenger compartment (p08)
Electrically operated windows - passenger compartment (p10)
Electric clock - driving compartment (p01)
Electric clock - passenger compartment (p09)
Electric division switch - driving compartment (p04)
Electric division switch (left) (p10)
Electric division switch - passenger compartment (p08)
Engine braking (p17)
Engine data (i07)
Engine heater (p41)
Engine number (i06)
Engine oil - checking / changing (p35)
Fan / steering pump drive belt - checking (p40)
Fan switches (p20)
Final drive - oil changing (p48)
Final drive - oil level checking (p47)
Final drive unit data (i08)
Flagstaff (p15)
Flashers - bulb replacement (p60)
Flashing direction indicators (p04)
Fog lamp - bulb replacement (p61)
Footbrake adjustment (p52)
Fresh air ventilation system (p22)
Friction pads - examining for wear (p53)
Friction pads - renewal (p53)
Front door locks (p07)
Front suspension and steering (p48)
Front wheel alignment (p49)
Front wheel bearings (p50)
Front wheel - camber angle adjustment (p50)
Front wheel - castor angle adjustment (p50)
Frost precautions (p42)
Fuel changeover switch (p03)
Fuel feed line filter - element renewal (p47)
Fuel level gauge (p01)
Fuel requirements (p29)
Fuel tank fillers (p13)
Fuses (p56)
Gear changes data (i08)
Half shafts (p51)
Handbrake cable adjustment (p52)
Handbrake lever (p05)
Handbrake mechanism (p52)
Headlamp beam setting (p58)
Headlamp dipper (p05)
Headlamp flasher (p04)
Headlamp warning light (p03)
Headlights - replacement (p59)
Heater controls (p20)
Horn (p06)
Hydraulic fluids (p29)
Ignition / steering column lock (p04)
Ignition switch (p02)
Ignition timing (p38)
Ignition warning light (p03)
Inner pivot bearings (p51)
Instruments (dashboard) overview (i12)
Intercom (p27)
Interior driving mirror (p06)
Interior light bulb - replacement (p62)
Interior light switch - driving compartment (p02)
Interior light switch - passenger compartment (left) (p09)
Interior light switch - passenger compartment (right) (p08)
Jacking equipment (p14)
Keys (i06)
Lamp bulbs (i10)
Light bulb replacements (p59)
Lighting switch (p01)
Locks, front door (p07)
Lubricants (p30)
Luggage compartment illumination (p13)
Luggage compartment light bulb - replacement (p61)
Luggage compartment (p13)
Maintenance operations (p21)
Maintenance schedules (p31)
Map / reading lamps (p11)
Mileage recorder trip (p03)
No draught ventilation (p07)
Number plate light bulb - replacement (p60)
Occasional seats (p11)
Oil filter elements (p36)
Oil pressure gauge (p01)
Outer pivot bearings (p51)
Paintwork (p56)
Panel light switch (p02)
Power steering reservoir - checking oil level (p48)
Propeller shafts (p50)
Push starting (p18)
Radio (p26)
Radio speakers (p05)
Rear / brake light - bulb replacement (p61)
Rear door locks (p12)
Rear quarter vent window (p12)
Rear suspension (p51)
Rear wheel bearings (p51)
Rear wheel camber angle - adjustment (p52)
Recommended hydraulic fluids (p29)
Recommended lubricants (p30)
Reversing light bulb - replacement (p61)
Reversing light (p13)
Revolution counter (p01)
Roof lamp (p02)
Running in (p19)
Seat belts (p11)
Shock absorbers, front (p48)
Shock absorbers, rear (p51)
Sidelight bulb - replacement (p61)
Socket - two pin plug (p57)
Socket - two pin plug (p57)
Spare wheel and jacking equipment (p14)
Sparking plugs (p38)
Speedometer (p01)
Starter button (p02)
Starting and driving (p19)
Steering idler level housing (p49)
Steering tie rods (p49)
Steering wheel adjustment (p06)
Suspension (front) / steering data (i07)
Suspension (rear) data (i08)
Suspension - rear (p51)
Table of contents / index (i04)
Timing chain (p38)
Tool kit (p14)
Top timing chain tension (p38)
Towing (p18)
Trafic hazard warning light (p03)
Transmission fluid level (p43)
Two pin plug socket (p57)
Tyre replacement and wheel interchanging (p55)
Tyres - type and pressures (i11)
Upholstery (p56)
Vacuum system (p22)
Ventilation windows (p07)
Warning light - bulb replacement (p61)
Water temperature gauge (p01)
Weights (i09)
Wheel bearing adjustments (p52)
Wheel changing (p15)
Wheels and tyres (p55)
Wheel swivels (p49)
Windscreen washing equipment (p24)
Windscreen wiper switch (p03)

cover (23.5kB)

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