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Limousine for Sir John Egan, Jaguar's CEO

Sir John Egan, Jaguar's CEO from April 1980 until the takeover by Ford in March 1990, used this 1987 limousine which had a very luxurious interior fitted for him. The car was built without a division wall, which is possible because the division is not a structural part of the DS420. As such this car resembles a batch of divisionless cars that was ordered by the French distributor Vilaseca one year earlier, featuring in this magazine article. This car has UK registration nr. D800FHP, chassis nr. 200899 and engine nr. 7M005313L.

Apart from a mobile phone, the car has no office equipment on board. Uninformed sources on the Internet often confuse it with the (1984) office car, which is shown here.

This car features in several magazine articles also shown on this website: a January 1993 article (English), a March 1993 one (German), and a a March 2017 one (English).

On July 25th 2009, the Jaguar Heritage Trust (formerly the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust) sold some two dozen of its cars in a move towards a better balanced collection, and towards the long term goal to create an exhibition building that could show all their cars, instead of the 30 (approx) out of 160 (before the sale) that fitted in the (then) current museum. This DS420 was sold because the Trust also have the "last of line" DS420, and the last Queen Mother's limo, which also was one of the last handful of limos produced. The sale was handled by Bonhams Auctioneers during the Silverstone Classic event as lot nr. 344.

Sir John's CEO limo sold for £ 14.000,- plus a buyer's premium of £ 2100,- and taxes still to be added to this. It obviously passes through the hands of many traders, since it regularly pops up for sale again (e.g. in early 2017), with prices more than double the above. In May 2019 it was auctioned by Coys at Chiswick House, London (lot nr. 223). After the auction it came up for sale by DD Classics in London, with an asking price of £ 50K.

My wife and I (hjt) took this series of photographs six weeks before the JHT sale, next to the (then) Jaguar Heritage Trust museum building on Browns Lane in Coventry.

1 egan_limo.01 (8.5kB) egan_limo.02 (31.8kB) egan_limo.03 (7.4kB) egan_limo.04 (39.7kB) egan_limo.05 (7.9kB) 5
6 egan_limo.06 (41.4kB) egan_limo.07 (45.3kB) egan_limo.08 (41.5kB) egan_limo.09 (7.6kB) egan_limo.10 (7.5kB) 10
11 egan_limo.11 (8.0kB) egan_limo.12 (7.4kB) egan_limo.13 (7.4kB) egan_limo.14 (35.2kB) egan_limo.15 (9.2kB) 15

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