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This web page shows various magazine articles in the English language, that appeared about the DS420 from 1996 on. They are shown in chronological order. Note that there is a parallel web page with articles from 1968-1995. Also, there are other pages with non-English language articles 1968-1995 and 1996-present.

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For weddings or a funeral
Lloyd McNeill
Practical Classics, June 1998

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Stretching Out
Jim Patten
Jaguar World, October 1999

Dr. Greg Beacham's company, based in New Zealand, already had built a name in "rejuvenating" Jaguar XK cars for the Japanese market. This article describes how he turned to DS420 limos and hearses: new engine, new gearbox, new...., well, everything.

On the hearses page of this web site we show a company brochure on these conversions. The photo on the last page of this article, with car OMY76P, is shown on the brochure too.

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Doing a Stretch
Side by Side - Classic Limos
Martin Buckley
Practical Classics
September 2002

The vinyl roof on car BMC856H,
a 1970 car, is not factory original.

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Prestige for Peanuts
Nigel Thorley
Jaguar Enthusiast, January 2004

Nigel Thorley (Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club) on the production and on the current market position of DS420 cars.

RestoredCars July2004 p1. RestoredCars July2004 p2. RestoredCars July2004 p3. RestoredCars July2004 p4. RestoredCars July2004 p5.
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RestoredCars Sept2004 p3. RestoredCars March2005 p1.

The Daimler DS420 Limousine 1968 to 1992
Robert Penn Bradly
Restored Cars #165, Australia, July-August 2004
Restored Cars #166, Australia, Sept.-Oct. 2004
Restored Cars #169, Australia, March.-April. 2005

This started as a series of two articles. Greg Lewis from Perth, who helped me to obtain these copies, wrote a letter to the editor with additional information, and this was published in the subsequent March-April 2005 issue (#169). It is shown here as the last page.

The caption of the very first photo states that the picture is taken in Australia, of an Australian car. But it is Jaguar's press photo nr. 189656, issued in 1968, for the introduction of the model.


Room at the top
Paul Skilleter
Jaguar Enthusiast, Vol.24 No.9, Sept. 2008

This article is well written and very informative.
The two pages with the author's own photos of the
DS420 production line at Browns Lane are exceptional,
but the captions of the main illustrations on page 1
and page 5 are incorrect.

  Room at the Top p1. Room at the Top p1.
Room at the Top p3. Room at the Top p4.   Room at the Top p5. Room at the Top p6.

magazine issue 49 The British publisher GE Fabbri devoted issue nr. 49 of its popular fortnightly "James Bond Car Collection" magazine to the Daimler DS420 as a James Bond movie car. The magazine came with a diecast 1:43 scale model made by Universal Hobbies in China. The UK edition of this issue appeared in November 2008 although the magazine itself bears no date. The French edition appeared a few weeks after the English one. The German edition was published in November 2009, and the Dutch version in February 2010. photo DA1321a - 1991

The magazine has 16 pages of which 8 have DS420 coverage, mainly photographic. Several parts of the text seem to have been taken from an older version of the Wikipedia entry on the DS420, including several inaccuracies that were present there (and have been corrected since). Jaguar press photo nr. DA1321, in full colour is used as the centerfold image. See also: here

A Daimler Excursion
George Zdanko
Jaguar Enthusiast, May 2011

Author George Zdanko describes a trip to the continent
that he made in one of his two DS420 limousines.

     Jag.Enthusiast 2011, p1. Jag.Enthusiast 2011, p2.
Practical Classics, spring 2011, p1. Practical Classics, spring 2011, p2. Practical Classics, spring 2011, p3. Practical Classics, spring 2011, p4.      PC's Big Fat Royal Wedding
Practical Classics, spring 2011

The Practical Classics team makes a practical wedding car choice for the forthcoming royal wedding. No, not the DS420...

Practical Classics, spring 2011, p5. Practical Classics, spring 2011, p6. Practical Classics, spring 2011, p7. Practical Classics, spring 2011, p8.
Scrapbook. This month: Royal Barge
Paul Skilleter
Jaguar World, August 2012
     Jaguar World 2012, p1. Jaguar World 2012, p2.

Royal Daimler in the heart of Europe
Christian Vanik
DLOC Magazine "The Driving Member"
Volume 49 Number 9, March 2013

DLOC Magazine March 2013, cover. DLOC Magazine March 2013, p1. DLOC Magazine March 2013, p2. DLOC Magazine March 2013, p3. DLOC Magazine March 2013, p4.     
DLOC Magazine February 2015 p1. DLOC Magazine February 2015 p2. DLOC Magazine February 2015 p3.     

Royal Daimler in Sweden
Christian Vanik
DLOC Magazine "The Driving Member"
Volume 51 Number 8, February 2015

DLOC Magazine February 2015 p4. DLOC Magazine February 2015 p5. DLOC Magazine February 2015 p6.
DLOC Magazine July 2015 cover. DLOC Magazine July 2015 p1. DLOC Magazine July 2015 p2.     

45 Years of Royal Daimler in Denmark
Christian Vanik
DLOC Magazine "The Driving Member"
Volume 52 Number 2, July 2015

DLOC Magazine July 2015 p3. DLOC Magazine July 2015 p4. DLOC Magazine July 2015 p5.
DLOC Magazine July 2015 p6. DLOC Magazine July 2015 p7. DLOC Magazine July 2015 p8.
Daimler DS420 (1968-1992)
Buying Guide
Richard Dredge
Classic Car Weekly, Sept. 7, 2016

Richard Dredge contacted Scott Harrington and myself
to contribute to a Buying Guide for the DS420 car.

     Classic Car Weekly, Sept.7, 2016
Jaguar Driver June/July 2016 Jaguar Driver June/July 2016 Jaguar Driver June/July 2016 Jaguar Driver June/July 2016
Jaguar Driver June/July 2016 Jaguar Driver June/July 2016 Jaguar Driver June/July 2016 Jaguar Driver June/July 2016

The last limousine
François Prins
Jaguar Driver, June and July 2016

An extremely well researched article! Very interesting.

text here


A right royal Daimler!
Paul Skilleter
Jaguar Enthusiast, Vol.33 No.3, March. 2017

  A right royal Daimler p1. A right royal Daimler p1.
A right royal Daimler p3. A right royal Daimler p4.   A right royal Daimler p5. A right royal Daimler p6.

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