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This page collects photo albums, contributed by various DS420 owners. For the Cars and Owners pages elsewhere on this site I have strict thematic rules, including the requirement to have a picture of car and owner, but in this photo gallery pages of the web site I will show anything DS420 (strict!) related.

To contribute you'll have to send me your pictures as e-mail attachments.

The photo gallery is interesting for multiple reasons: it shows a large number of technical details, because many photos were made during restorations while parts of the car were dismantled: from the interior of the chassis beams to the interior of the engine block. Also, it shows many different colour combinations of body and interior, and may thus be a source of inspiration to others.

Please bear in mind that time moves on. All galleries specify the year in which the photos were contributed. But do not assume that the situation (or the people, or the cars) will remain forever as shown.


If you click on one of the links below, you'll see a thumbnail page of an entire album. Clickpoints will appear to start scrolling forward and backward from that point in the album. Via the medium size picture you may select a large magnification, up to the size of that photo as it was contributed. A small 't' in the lower left corner of a thumbnail image indicates that the larger image carries a text caption. 

Tony Diaz: Left hand drive limousine (13 photos)
Tony Diaz from Madrid, Spain, owns this beautiful limousine, a very early LHD model. It is part of his collection of classic English limousines, in which he has Rolls and Austin/VandenPlas limousines as well. Photos contributed in 2005 and 2011.
   Tony Diaz Limousine
Jordi Milian engine overhaul   
Jordi Milian: Engine overhaul (21 photos)
Dismantling of an engine, work on new valve seats: it's all shown in this series of photographs from Jordi Milian in Barcelona. Photos contributed in 2005.
Even more about Jordi's incredible collection of 14 (!!) limos is on the Cars and Owners part of this site.
Hendrik-Jan Thomassen: Sills, wheel arches and doors (165 photos)
In the summer of 2005 my limo went through a very extensive restoration: new sills, new wheel arches, new jacking points, new bottom side on most door panels. If you want to see the most intimate parts exposed: see and shiver. Warning: very large album: over 160 pictures (thumbnails only are 2.0 Mb already). Photos contributed in 2005.
   thomassen restoration
Jordi Milian's hearse   
Jordi Milian: Woodall Nicholson Hearse (13 photos)
Jordi Milian, DS420 collector from Barcelona, contributed this series of pictures from his newly acquired Woodall Nicholson hearse, which he has besides his (currently) 14 limos. Photos contributed in 2006.
Ivan Ford: Front Suspension (8 photos)
Ivan Ford from Edinburgh owns this 1987 limousine (200970), which once belonged to the late Princess Margaret. The photos show the dismantling of the front suspension. Photos contributed in 2005 and 2006.
   Ivan Ford
Jordi Milian's limo   
Jordi Milian: one of his white limousines (13 photos)
Jordi Milian also contributed this series of pictures from one of his white limousines. Photos contributed in 2006.
Ivan Ford: Upholstery (5 photos)
Ivan Ford sent these photo of the restoration of the car's upholstery. Plus a few nice shots, e.g. this one from Glamis Castle near Edinburgh. Photos contributed in 2007.
   Ivan Ford
Jean-Jacques t'Serstevens limo   
Jean-Jacques t'Serstevens white limousine (8 photos)
Jean-Jacques t'Serstevens, from Brussels in Belgium, contributed these photos of his recently restored early model limousine. Photos contributed in 2007.
Anton Dejaegere: Paint strip (26 photos)
Anton Dejaegere, from Waregem in Belgium, has this limo number 1M1447 from 1970. The restoration shown here was started within two weeks after he bought the car. Photos contributed in 2006.
   Anton Dejaegere paintstrip overhaul
Thomassen: rear bridge   
Hendrik-Jan Thomassen: Rear drive train bridge (8 photos)
My second limo, 1M2062, is in the process of being restored. The rear drive train was disassembled to facilitate the body work. Photos contributed in 2007.
Alex Bernardo: DS420 in Portugal (11 photos)
Alex Bernardo from Alcobaça in Portugal has a limo from 1980. It has serial nr. 200002, and thus is the second car made in Coventry after the production moved when Vanden Plas closed. Photos contributed in 2008.
   Alex Bernardo DS420 in Portugal
Jaguar CEO limo   
Sir John Egan, Jaguar CEO, limousine (15 photos)
This 1987 limousine was built for Sir John Egan, Jaguar's CEO from April 1980 until the Ford-takeover in March 1990. After being held in the collection of the JHT for many years, this limo was sold off in July 2009. Photos contributed in 2009.
Ray Broadbent: Cheltenham Mayoral Limousine (3 photos)
Ray Broadbent, from Greers Ferry in Arkansas, USA, has this 1971 limousine 1M2076. It was the Mayoral car in Cheltenham and Ray bought it from the Municipality almost 20 years ago. Photos contributed in 2009.
   Ray Broadbent
Bill Eltringham's limo   
Bill Eltringham's limousine (2 photos)
Bill Eltringham from Prudhoe, Northumberland, UK, owns this immaculate 1969 limousine, with the rare dual chrome waistline striping. The photos were shot at the International Rally of the DLOC in Ross on Wye, June 14th, 2009.
Steve Robey: Landaulette Conversion (13 photos)
Steve Robey's company A&L Composites in Maidstone, Kent, UK. is the main address for DS420 landaulette conversions. These pictures show a conversion he did in 2007. Photos contributed in 2009.
   Steve Robey
Andrew Gutowski   
Andrew Gutowski: Hearse and limousine (9 photos)
Many years ago, Andrew Gutowski, from Barnstable, Ma,USA, fell in love with the British Royal automobile cavalcade. Photos contributed in 2012.
Venezuela's Presidential DS420 (2 photos)
The former Presidential DS420 on display at the Transport Museum in Caracas, Venezuela. Photos contributed in 2012.
   Venezuela Presidential DS420

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