Daimler DS420 sales brochures 1986-1987


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This page shows sales brochures of 1986 and 1987 by Jaguar/Daimler from my own collection. The brochures are in chronological order, although not all publication dates are known exactly. I have left out brochures where the limo plays a minor role only, e.g. with one single picture somewhere at the bottom of a page...

The brochures are presented with a medium size picture of their front page, plus small pictures of the other pages. Blank pages are not shown.

Independence pc0 (8.2kB)
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Publ. No. JAG/86/01
Year of publication: 1986
Format: A4 portrait, stapled.
Avail.: easy
The "Jaguar" outline on the cover is in gold.

This brochure covers the entire Jaguar plus Daimler model range. Only four photo-pages (two double-pages) are devoted to the limousine. They are shown on the last row below. In addition, there is one page with limousine-specific technical specifications. All these have been published before in brochures of the preceding years. But the introductory pages, reproduced here below, are more extensive than ever and they tell warm stories about "the Jaguar feeling" from many different views.
Pages on other Jaguar and Daimler models are not shown here for space reasons. The full 50 pg. brochure can be seen Here.

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Independence p9   Independence p11   Independence p13
Independence p43   Independence p45   Independence p50   Independence pc1
The Uniquely British Limousine p1 (26.0kB)
 Click for large view (66.6kB)   Year: 1986
Publ. No. JAG/86/27
Format: A4 landscape, stapled
Avail.: extremely rare.
The Uniquely British Limousine p3 (6.4kB)   The Uniquely British Limousine p4 (7.0kB)   The Uniquely British Limousine p5 (6.9kB)
The Uniquely British Limousine p6 (6.5kB)   The Uniquely British Limousine p7 (4.1kB)   The Uniquely British Limousine p8 (3.5kB)
Cotswolds pc1 (7.5kB)
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  Cotswolds p6 (3.5kB)
Cotswolds p1 (6.6kB)   Cotswolds p5 (8.1kB)
Cotswolds p3 (6.7kB)   Year: 1987
Publ. No. JAG/87/51
Format: 26.5 × 26.5 cm, stapled
Avail.: moderate / rare.

1987 introduced the bumpers with full rubber strip, and the much lower grille that accompanied it. This brochure came with a colour-and-trim chart, which can be seen here.

We have a Press Photograph DA1311 taken at the same location (a Cotswolds hotel) showing that this is car F401JAQ.


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