Daimler DS420 sales brochures 1988-1992


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This page shows sales brochures of 1988 and later by Jaguar/Daimler from my own collection. The brochures are in chronological order, although not all publication dates are known exactly. I have left out brochures where the limo plays a minor role only, e.g. with one single picture somewhere at the bottom of a page...

The brochures are presented with a medium size picture of their front page, plus small pictures of the other pages. Blank pages are not shown.

Unique Motoring Experience pcb1   Unique Motoring Experience pcm1
  Unique Motoring Experience pcm2
  Year: 1988
Publ.No.: JAG 88/54
(white cover w. maroon text)
Publ.No.: none (brown cover)
Format: 27 × 26.3 cm, stapled
Avail.: the maroon-covered brochure is
somewhat rare; not extremely rare.
The brown-covered version is extremely rare.
Unique Motoring Experience pcb2   Unique Motoring Experience pcb3   Unique Motoring Experience p13   Unique Motoring Experience p14
Unique Motoring Experience p1   Unique Motoring Experience p3
Unique Motoring Experience p5   Unique Motoring Experience p7
Unique Motoring Experience p9   Unique Motoring Experience p11

This brochure was published with two different covers, but with identical contents. The back of the brown cover has a fold-out flap, hence the two extra brown pictures. Page 14 is the inner side of one of these flaps, the other one is blank. The white+maroon cover has a single cover page at the back, with page 14 on the inside. Both brochures have small folding flaps at the inside of the back cover, in which a separate price list (view it here) and a separate colour and trim chart (view it here) were stored. Note the new rubber bumpers and the low grille on the red car (E142JAQ).

Exclusive p0 (8.9kB)   Exclusive p10 (2.1kB)
  Exclusive p9 (5.1kB)
  Year: 1989
Publ.No.: JAG 89/L1
Format: 29 × 29 cm, stapled
Avail.: rare, but not extremely rare
Exclusive p1 (9.0kB)   Exclusive p3 (9.8kB)
Exclusive p7 (7.5kB)   Exclusive p8 (5.9kB)   Exclusive p5 (9.0kB)

This was the last brochure entirely devoted to the DS420 limousine. It is large, and printed on heavy paper. The two large side views (pg 3 and 5) are rather impressive. The brochure folds in a creative way, such that the nose of the car on pages 3 and 5 is actually the same picture. When opened, the right hand side is as on page 3, and when closed the right hand side is as on page 5.


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