Daimler DS420 sales brochures 1981-1983


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This page shows sales brochures from 1981 until 1983 by Jaguar/Daimler from my own collection. The brochures are in chronological order, although not all publication dates are known exactly. I have left out brochures where the limo plays a minor role only, e.g. with one single picture somewhere at the bottom of a page...

The brochures are presented with a medium size picture of their front page, plus small pictures of the other pages. Blank pages are not shown.

D-Limousine p1   D-Limousine p2 (10.0kB)
  D-Limousine p4 (11.1kB)
D-Limousine p6 (6.1kB)   D-Limousine p7 (3.8kB)   D-Limousine p8 (2.1kB)   Year: 1981 (est.)
Publ.No.: J/O/122
Format: A4 portrait, stapled
Avail.: moderate.

This brochure was most probably prepared for the export market. The illustration on page 2 shows an LHD car, which has been on no other brochure illustration before. The white body colour is also unique among the sales brochures.

In those days, Jaguar had been working on a project codenamed XDM62, "Projected limousine for Middle East markets" and this brochure probably is one of its offspins. The text on page 1 even mentions explicitly that the air condition is "precisely tuned for the ambient temperatures of the Middle East".

Remarkable is the mentioning of the GM400 automatic transmission, successor to the Borg Warner 8 and 12 units fitted before.

The large 'D' on the front cover is actually of silver colour, but the scanner didn't take that very well.

A vintage year for the classic limousine p1 (41.5kB)
 Click for large view (96.8kB)   Year: 1982/1983 (est.)
No publication number.
Format: A4 portrait, folded
Avail.: rare.
  A vintage year for the classic limousine p4 (8.2kB)
  A vintage year for the classic limousine p2 (12.6kB)
A vintage year for the classic limousine p3 (19.7kB)
 Click for medium view (47.8kB)

The above brochure A vintage year for the classic limousine has no publication number or year of publication. I estimate its year of publication (1982/83) by the fact that it contains a price figure of £ 24,768.- The same figure appears as the price incl. tax in a price list of Oct. 11, 1982.

Note that the ghost-drawing on page 2 is much older than the actual car. It shows the bumpers with chrome overriders (the actual car had rubber blocks since 1978), and it even shows the divided rear side window (depleted in 1972). The drawing has been used in several earlier brochures; this one is the last to show it.

The format of the brochure is A4 portrait, 4 pages connected in a fold-out way (no staples). When folded together (A4 single) the front page is the wood veneer picture with the title, and the back has the Standard luxury page. If you open it you see the 2-page schematic picture of the limousine, with the price comparison The real thing v. The competition. This 2-page picture has a vertical cut in the middle, which has been edited away for the display on this web site. If opened one step further (along that cut) you see the 4-page-in-a-row picture Britain's finest limousine.

This large picture shows the members from two of the actual production teams, along with a couple of part timers that would be brought in to help from various departments at specific stages of production.


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