Daimler DS420 Parts Catalogue RTC9887CD (Oct.1985)


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This manual RTC9887CD (Oct.1985) is the last Parts Catalogue that appeared in printed form. It explicitly states that it only serves the limousines built from July 1980 onwards (i.e. the cars that have the General Motors GM400 gearbox fitted). The full text of its introduction follows below. This manual is included on the Unipart/JDHT CD-ROM described elsewhere on this web site.

The manual bears the following note: Printed in England by Coventry Printers (9/85 35737).

Earlier editions of this manual appeared as RTC9887CA (April 1982), RTC9887CB (March 1983) and RTC9887CC (Sept.1984). Their contents are almost identical as (and superseded by) the RTC9887CD. Therefore, the web-pages shown here are taken from the latest edition RTC9887CD exclusively, except for the front page of an earlier edition shown at the right (click to enlarge). This RTC9887CC manual bears the following note: Printed in England by Coventry Printers (75 9/84 34003).

   coverpage RTC9887CC (3.4kB) titlepage RTC9887CC (3.4kB)

Overlapping with these publication dates, starting from January 1979, the parts catalogue was also available in microfiche form. The first one had part number RTC9877FA. These microfiches were updated a few times per year and labeled RTC9877FA, RTC9877FB, RTC9877FC etc. In 1981 the prefix of the label changed from RTC9877 to RTC9887, again with a two letter suffix (three letter suffix from July 1987) to distinguish the subsequent editions. Most editions consist of two fiches, where one fiche holds up to 504 page images. The forelast one in my collection has part number RTC9887FAF and dates from February 1990. Strange enough, the very last one has part number RTC9887FAG and is dated August 2000 (!!). I am still looking for a way to publish a selection of these editions on this web site.

   coverpage RTC9887CB (3.4kB) titlepage RTC9887CB (3.4kB)

For older cars you must refer to Parts Catalogue RTC9183B (July 1978, or its earlier edition RTC9183A of Jan. 1976), or to the very first Catalogue JC53 (1972).


This introduction text is taken from the manual verbatim

This Parts Catalogue is to be used for all Limousine models with the GM400 Auto Trans fitted both Home and Export specifications, the part numbers quoted are always common to all models unless otherwise stated, in which case differences are noted in the Heading or the Remarks column.
This catalogue does not include parts peculiar to Landaulette or Hearse models.
As the list caters for both Home and Export markets, reference is made throughout the text to the "right hand"(RH) and "left hand"(LH) sides of the car. The "left hand side" is that to the left hand when the car is viewed from the rear; similarly, "left hand drive"(LHD) models are those having the drive control on the left hand side, again when the car is viewed from the rear.
The heading of each assembly is printed in capital letters, whilst the spares relevant to each assembly are printed in small type and inset to the right. The fact that certain items (printed in small type) are not inset indicates that they do not form part of any assembly and must, therefore, be ordered as individual items.

Vehicle identification prefix code:

Prefix    Model
DWATL3AC    Limousine 4.2 litre Automatic - Right hand Drive
DWATL4AC    Limousine 4.2 litre Automatic - Left hand Drive
DWAZL3AC    Hearse chassis 4.2 litre Automatic - Right hand Drive (see below)

V.I.N. commencing numbers (actual commencing date of manufacture 4.7.80.)
Limousine: 200038
Hearse: 400041

Engine commencing number: 7M4176 (engine number 7M4168 was also fitted with the new GM400 Auto Trans Unit).

Note: for models prior to the above number, please refer to Daimler Limousine Parts Catalogue RTC9183B or fiche RTC9877FG.

→ 7M.1033 Denotes up to engine 7M.1033
7M.1034 → Denotes from engine 7M.1034
A/C Air Conditioning
A/R As required
C/R Compression Ratio
LH Left Hand
LHD Left Hand Drive
NSS Not supplied separately
PRS Pairs
RH Right Hand
RHD Right Hand Drive
SETS Supplied only in sets
SOO Special order only
SS Selective sizes
S/D Order on Service Division

When ordering trimmed parts, the colour code suffix should be included with the part number, to ensure computer acceptance.

Beige AM  Finest Cloth (headlining)
Black PA  Hide-Ambla-Leather Cloth-carpet etc.
Blue/Grey LA  Hide-Ambla-Leather Cloth-Finest Cloth
Blue/Grey 2 LK  Carpet
Fawn AH  West of England Cloth/Carpet
Mink AP  Carpet
Stone AV  Carpet
Example: DB46296/PA = Front door casing - RH Black

End of verbatim Introduction text taken from the manual

The above Vehicle Identification Prefix code DWAZL3AC for chassis-only cars is not conforming to the VIN-chart published by Jaguar much later (see it here) which states that the prefix would be DWAWL3AC.

If you want to browse through the drawings of this manual (168 pp.) from the first page on, start Here

If the Table of Contents that follows does not give you enough detail, you may look at the alphabetical keyword index first. Unfortunately, these keyword index pages have no clickpoints on them, so if you find your entry please remember the page number, come back here, and click the page number in the (sequential) list below. Keyword initials: A, B-C, D-E, F, G, H-I, J-P, Q-R, S, T-V, W.

Apart from the keyword index this manual has an 80-page listing, in which all parts are sorted by part number, together with a description and references to the drawing pages where this part is used. Entry points into this list are at the bottom of this web page.

The following table of contents follows the sequence of pages in the manual:

ENGINEEngine units   1C02
Cylinder block   1C03
Oil pump and dipstick   1C04
Crankshaft and main bearings   1C05
Pistons and conn rods   1C06
Oil pump   1C07
Oil filter   1C08
Lower timing gear   1C09
Upper timing gear   1C10
Timing cover   1C11
Water pump   1C12
Fan and engine water hoses   1C13
Thermostat and housing   1C14
Cylinder head and gasket   1D02
Camshaft and valves   1D03
Camshaft covers and gasket   1D04
Inlet manifold   1D05
Exhaust manifold   1D06
Front engine mounting   1D07
Mid engine mounting   1D08
Driving belts   1D09
Alternator mounting   1D10,1D11,1D12
Engine overhaul gaskets   1D13
TRANSMISSIONDrive plate   1E02
Transmission   1F02 - 1F17
AXLES-SUSPENSIONFront suspension   1G02,1G05
Stub axle assembly   1G06
Rear suspension   1G07
Final drive unit   1G08
Rear suspension, outer fulcrum shaft   1G10
Half shaft and hub assembly   1G12
Road wheels   1G14
STEERINGSteering column   1H02
Steering box   1H04
Steering box components   1H05
Tie rod and idler box assembly   1H06
Power steering pump   1H08
P.A.S. pump mounting   1H09
P.A.S. pump belt tensioner   1H10
Rear brakes   1I03
Pedal and housing   1I04
Servo and master cylinders   1I06
Vacuum tank   1I07
Brake fluid reservoir   1I08
Pipes and connections   1I09
Handbrake lever and cable   1I11
Handbrake mechanism   1I13
FUEL-EXHAUST-EMISSIONAir cleaner   1J02,1J03
Carburettors   1J04
Carburettor mounting and mixture pipe   1J06
Petrol filter and carburettor hoses   1J07,1J08
A.E.D. unit   1J09
Breather pipe and housing   1J10
Hot air system   1J11
Hot air pickup   1J12
Throttle linkage   1K02
Accelerator cable and pedal   1K03
Fuel tanks   1K04
Fuel pump   1K06
Fuel filler lock   1K07
Exhaust system   1K08
COOLING SYSTEMRadiator and mountings   1L02
Radiator cowl and sealing plates   1L03
Water hoses   1L04
Header tank   1L05
Twin fan and mountings   1L06
HEATING, VENTILATIONHeater controls   1L07
Heater   1L10
Fresh air system   1L15
AIR CONDITIONINGFront evaporator unit   1M02
Rear evaporator unit   1M04
Receiver dryer, compressor and condensors   1M05
Compressor mounting   1M06
Compressor   1M07
Compressor mounting   1M08
ELECTRICALStarter motor   2C02
Alternator (25ACR)   2C03
Distributor   2C04
Ignition coil, plugs and leads   2C05
Outer headlamps, 7"   2C06
Inner headlamps 5.75"   2C07
Front flasher lamp, flasher side repeater lamp   2C08
Front fog lamps   2C09
Stop, tail, flasher lamps   2C10
Rear lamps   2C11
Interior lamps and cigar lighter   2C12
Wiper motor   2C13
Windscreen wiper wheelboxes, arms and blades   2C14
Windscreen washer   2C15
Speedometer, revolution counter, clock   2C16
Instruments, centre panel   2C17
Switches, centre instrument panel   2C18
Fuel gauge elements, relays, switches   2D02
Columns switches, horns and pad   2D03
Harnesses   2D04
Battery carrier and leads   2D06
Radio aerials   2D07
Window switches, control unit, hazard switch, hazard flasher   2D08
Electronic speedometer, revolution counter, transducer   2D09
BODY AND FITTINGSBody panels   2E02,2E05,2E06
Gearbox cover and access plates   2E07
Radiator and bonnet brightfinishers   2E08
Bright finishers   2E09
Front bumper   2E10
Rear bumper   2E12
Bonnet hinges and fittings   2E14
Bonnet release   2E15
Boot hinges and fittings   2E16
Boot lid lock   2E17
Windscreen and backlight   2E18
Front door glass and frame   2F02
No-draught ventilators   2F04
Front door regulators, manual   2F05
Front door regulators, electric   2F06
Front door locks (first type)   2F07
Front door locks (second type)   2F09
Door hinges and check arms   2G02
Rear door glass and frame   2G03
Rear quarter light   2G05
Rear door regulators, manual   2G06
Rear door regulators, electric   2G07
Rear door locks (first type)   2G08
Rear door locks (second type)   2G10
FACIA-TRIM-SEATINGFacia panels   2H02
Cubby box   2H03
Front door trim   2H04
Front compartment trim details   2H05
Sun visors and mirrors   2H06
Front seats and seat belts   2H07
Manual division glass and channels   2H08
Electric division motor glass   2H09
Division trim   2H10
Rear door trim   2H12
Rear quarter casings and armrest   2H13
Headlinings and cappings, rear compartment   2H15
Rear seat   2H17
Rear seat belt   2H18
Occasional seats and foot rests   2I02
Front compartment carpets   2I03
Rear compartment carpets   2I04
Boot trim   2I05
MISCELLANEOUSTool roll and tools   2J02
Jack and spare wheel clamp   2J03
Rubber mats and nylon rug   2J04
Flagstaffs and private door lockset kit   2J05
Touchup paint pencil   2J06

The following list gives entries to the sorted list of part numbers. The first part number on every page is shown. Note that part numbers like 37H 8863 typically sort by the H. If you found your part under the clickpoints below, remember the "Ref.No" column which actually is a page number. Then come back here, and look up that page number in the sequential list above.
1861, 9428, 10999, 11934, 12994, 606570, AAU 6620, AAU 6666, AAU 9526, AEU 1068, ARA 1501, BAC 7550, BAC 9087, BAC 9155, BAC 9305, BBC 1144, BD 8633, BD 20091, BD 23912, BD 29777, BD 31459, BD 34246, BD 36004, BD 38664, BD 39779, BD 40183, BD 40709, BD 45437, BD 46293, BD 48701, BH 607121, C 724, C 789, C 2296, C 4219, C 8667, C 10301, C 15341, C 16062, C 17464, C 18842, C 19980, C 21810, C 23117, C 24119, C 25324, C 26443, C 28082, C 29369, C 30489, C 31624, C 33835, C 36262, C 38520, C 41348, C 43216, C 45054, C 46026, CAC 3434, CD 31726, DAC 3050, DJZ 808, EAC 2965, EAC 3753, FW 207, JLM 223, JLM 298, JLM 300, JLM 303, JLM 9565, JLM 9654, JLM 9684, JS 208, LN 30041, RTC 1129, SF 104252, SH 604051, SH 607071, UFN 119, UFS 131, WC 703081, WF 702101.

For efficiency reasons all drawings have had their white boundaries cut away. Occasionally it was necessary to reposition the page number, drawing number and/or the page header text in order to fit all pages in an equal frame size. Therefore these elements may show in a slightly different position than they are on the real bookpages. Drawing numbers (located at the bottom right of many pages) may have their last digits missing.

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