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Thomas Startin in Birmingham: hearse construction

Thomas Startin Junior, (then) at 71 Aston Rd. North, Birmingham, was one of the three major hearse builders on DS420 chassis. They also sold a great number of limousines to their clientele of Funeral Directors.

The hearses page of this website tells the story, but doesn't have room for the many photos that I obtained from the company archive. Therefore this gallery of photos was added.

The photos were contributed in 2020, but they date from the actual hearse construction years 1968-1992. The majority of the cars have the chrome bumper overriders, so they date from 1968-1976.

1 Startin_g01.01 Startin_g01.02 Startin_g02.01 Startin_g02.02 Startin_g02.03 5
6 Startin_g02.04 Startin_g02.05 Startin_g03.01 Startin_g03.02 Startin_g03.03 10
11 Startin_g03.04 Startin_g03.05 Startin_g03.06 Startin_g03.07 Startin_g03.08 15
16 Startin_g03.09 Startin_g03.10 Startin_g03.11 Startin_g04.01 Startin_g05.01 20
21 Startin_g05.02 Startin_g05.03 Startin_g05.04 Startin_g05.05 Startin_g06.01 25
26 Startin_g06.02 Startin_g07.01 Startin_g07.02 Startin_g07.03 Startin_g07.04 30
31 Startin_g07.05 Startin_g07.06 Startin_g07.07 Startin_g08.01 Startin_g08.02 35
36 Startin_g09.01 Startin_g09.02 Startin_g10.01 Startin_g10.02 Startin_g10.03 40
Startin_g10.04 Startin_g10.05 Startin_g11.01

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