Trigger's Retro Road Tests
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The factory sales notes show that the chassis for hearse LXJ66G was sold new in April 1968, to the Coop Funeral Service in Luton, to be bodied by Woodall Nicholson. It was chassis no. 1M1003H, which means that it was the 3rd DS420 from the production line, and it was the very first hearse chassis. Since the production of the DS420 officially started in the late summer of 1968, this hearse can very well be considered to be a pre-production model.

Note that on this photo it already lost one of the D-insignia from the air grille under the headlights. Many lost insignia would follow in the DS420 history.

Contributed from the Flickr photo hosting account of Trigger's Retro Road Tests. Used with permission.

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