Daimler DS420 sales brochures 1978-1980


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This page shows sales brochures from 1978 and 1979 by Jaguar/Daimler from my own collection. The brochures are in chronological order, although not all publication dates are known exactly. I have left out brochures where the limo plays a minor role only, e.g. with one single picture somewhere at the bottom of a page...

The brochures are presented with a medium size picture of their front page, plus small pictures of the other pages. Blank pages are not shown.

VandenPlas pc0 (37.0kB)
 Click for large view (95.0kB)   VandenPlas pc1 (5.6kB)   VandenPlas p1 (4.0kB)   VandenPlas p2 (6.2kB)
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VandenPlas p11 (3.5kB)   VandenPlas p12 (8.1kB)   VandenPlas p12a (15.5kB)   VandenPlas p13 (8.4kB)
VandenPlas p14 (8.7kB)   VandenPlas p14a (12.4kB)   VandenPlas p15 (8.9kB)   VandenPlas p16 (9.9kB)
VandenPlas p17 (6.3kB)   VandenPlas p18 (5.7kB)   VandenPlas p18a (5.6kB)   VandenPlas p18b (5.2kB)   Year: 1978
Ref. No. 26/3(10856)2/78-50m
Publ. No. 3284
Format: A4 portrait, stapled
Avail.: abundant.
Not all pages shown

This brochure has many fold-out pages; there are no page numbers. Therefore we use the following numbering scheme: pages which are seen when the brochure is gone through like a book, get incrementing page numbers. When such a page is folded out, the (double) page that becomes visible has the same number, but with an 'a' attached. E.g.: p12a becomes visible when p12 is folded out.

The brochure has many pages explicitly devoted to the Daimler VandenPlas 4.2 (p4, 5, 5a, 6, 7, 7a) and the Daimler Double Six VandenPlas (p8, 9, 9a, 10, 10a). Those pages are not shown to save space. The full brochure can be seen here

This is the first brochure to show the rubber block bumpers. Also, the large pictures show front wing mirrors, but one of the smaller pictures, and its corresponding text, introduces the door mirrors.

An amusing mistake has been made on page 14. The text says under point 6: "An electric clock is fitted in the front compartment". This is certainly true: there is a nice (round) clock in the dashboard. But picture number 6 shows a rectangular clock: it is the one that is mounted in the cocktail cabinet in the rear compartment. The same mistake carries on for several brochures to come!
You may also notice that the two-tone blue limo on page 2a has the same license number (LOE753S) as the black limo on page 12a. License year letter S is for 1978.

Daimler published another brochure with the same silk-pattern on the cover, but coloured blue instead of purple. That brochure has no coverage of the limo at all.

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Year of publication: 1979 (est.)
Publ. No. 3392
Format: 29.5×24 cm, landscape
Comes with enclosing envelope
Avail.: easy

This is the first brochure to show the revised air inlets under the headlamps, and the revised (front) direction lights, which marked the transfer of the production from Vanden Plas in London to Browns Lane in Coventry. Also: note the badge bar on the limo (GFE111T) page 2.
Pages explicitly devoted to other Daimler models are not shown to save space. The full brochure can be seen here

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Year of publication: 1979/1980
Publ. No. LI-165-E
Format: A4 portrait, stapled.
Avail.: fair
Not all pages shown.

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This brochure is about the Daimler Double Six VandenPlas, Double Six and Sovereign 4.2. It does not have a single word on the DS420.
Also, all pictures are about the other Daimler models, except the two-page illustration shown above.

This brochure was published in several different languages, under the same publication number.


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